Monday, November 15, 2004

and you can quote him

"I probably could have used a better choice of words, but I am distressed when people are shooting off guns and throwing fruit at our players." - Nebraska head coach Bill Callahan, at a press conference after the Nebraska-Oklahoma game Saturday.

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RAAAGER said...

He may not have been wise in his choice of words, but put yourself in his or his players shoes. What gives fans the right to verbally or physically abuse ANY athelete? As far as the "collision" between the player and fan, hey if the fan wants to pick a fight with a player, then he had better be willing to pay the price.

It's sad to see these things going on at the college level, it was bad enough at the pro level. It might surprise you even worse happens at younger levels, just ask any little league coach about rabid parents.

I love competition and I love sports, but fans have to remember where to draw the line, the players and coaches are human and WILL react when pushed over the line.

Amanda said...

Sorry- I wasn't even meaning to take it that deep- I just thought the fruit comment was funny!

RAAAGER said...

I dodge flying oranges as I remove my soap box from your blog :-)
Enjoy the rest of your "work" day my friend.