Tuesday, November 30, 2004

random question for the day

So while eating my lunch in the breakroom today I heard a most interesting analogy. Now first let me preface this by saying that I work in Franklin which is south of Nashville, and so the majority of the employees live even farther away from the city; either farther south or farther west. Now I consider myself an educated person- I very nearly majored in english- and so I cringe inwardly (and probably sometimes outwardly) when I hear grammatically incorrect phrases being slung about with a thick southern accent. This of course is a regular occurance here among employees. You'll hear people say things like "We was right there when that fire broke out." and "Yeah, I seen that in the paper." But today I had to laugh to myself when one lady made the astute observation that the Tractor Supply Store was a Country Boy's Wal-mart.

Now I always thought Wallyworld was a bit country and redneck itself, and only in recent years has it become so commercially widespread. But heck, I grew up in Nashville,TN and thought Wal-mart was hick-ish! I only recently discovered the brilliance of the Wal-mart Supercenter in college, and still prefer the trendy Target any day! It struck me as funny because to her, Wal-mart epitomizes the city, while to me, it epitomizes the country. So pray tell then, Miss Co-worker, what exactly classifies as a City Boy's Walmart??

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Rhonda Lu said...

Target :)