Tuesday, November 09, 2004

a slight emergency

So yesterday afternoon, the boredom and mid-afternoon munchies hit while sitting at the office. I had eaten a healthy lunch and decided what would make my Case of the Mondays go away would be something chocolate from the snack machine. Now I know what you're thinking.
"Amanda, didn't you replace your cravings for chocolate with cravings for tofu?"
Not yet. We're still working on that.
But seriously, I have not made a trip to the snack machine since that fateful day when I consumed enough calories for 2 small children on my fudge brownie snack. Today was a new day though. I just needed something small to tie me over till dinner. So I muster all the courage and self control I can find buried deep within my empty desk drawers, and I head for The Machine. As I open the door and turn the corner to where the snack haven is, I let out a gasp in my inner monologue. My worst fears have just been realized, and The Machine is gone!
After standing there with my mouth gaping open, I investigate a little bit and find out that the snack machine has been temporarily unplugged and moved due to the re-carpeting of the room over the weekend. What's a girl to do? "I can't work in these conditions!" I exclaimed. But there was nothing to be done.
Helpless and defeated, I slumped back to my desk and ate the pineapple cup I had in my desk for food emergencies such as this, all the while wistfully thinking of how much more satisfying the chocolate would have been compared to my room-temperature pineapple. Dena said perhaps that was God's way of telling me I didn't need any chocolate. But what does she know? She's probably talking crazy from staring at her desk thermometer all day.


Anonymous said...

what would she know about God's will pertaining to snacks. she doesn't even know it when sneezes are involved! i don't think she has any say in this story at all. you should go on strike until the machine is returned. and if you need help, let me know. i've got your back. ~ari

RAAAGER said...

OMG !!! How could something so terrible happen??? Are you ok? Emotionally and mentally , I mean.....you know if you are emotionally or mentally scared in ANY way there might be a lawsuit here. Management of your company failed to warn you that your right to have and consume chocolate had been wrongly and abruptly denied you. I'm thinking BIG bucks here, yeah HUGE Euro dollars :-)

Note: as cold as your buddy keeps your office chocolate will survive in your desk drawer.