Monday, November 08, 2004

stranger things

Well the birthday celebration is finally over. It culminated in the big Girls Night Out Saturday night, but first let’s back up to Friday night. In lieu of Vanderbilt’s homecoming game on Saturday, they sponsored a pep rally/concert that was open to the general public (for a small fee of course). Brad Paisley performed and Los Lonely Boys opened up for him (Los Lonely Boys is Spanish for… THE Lonely Boys). Up till now, I haven’t been too crazy about their song that’s out, Heaven. It’s one of those that gets stuck in your head. But aside from most of their songs sounding the same (Blues/Rock with a Tex-Mex flair) the Boys can Sing. I’m talking 3 part, a cappella (Acapulco), harmony. "No prerecorded stuff here" the lead singer quipped.

B-Rad Paisley was fantastic. I’ve never considered myself a BP fan, but people change- UT lost this weekend- Stranger things have happened. The guy is a phenomenal guitar player, and is just so darn cute. He was very personable with the crowd, and seemed to appreciate the youthfulness of the audience. I however was not so excited about the drunk Tri-Delts in front of us- and I mean RIGHT in front of us- who were screaming and dancing and generally ignoring the principle behind the personal bubble of space. I guess it’s another testament to turning 24, but I tried to remember being that age again and acting like an idiot in a public place. But hmm, nothing comes to mind. (Perhaps that’s the problem) but I digress.

Saturday was a gorgeous day in Middle Tennessee, and was spent at a voice lesson, hiking with the roommates at Radnor Lake, and watching football. Kentucky Football is getting more and more embarrassing to watch, by the way. 62-17? Come on Cats- I don’t care if it Was Georgia. (Is it Basketball season yet? That’s the only time I claim to be a true Kentuckian.) Sat night me, Emmy Sue, Rhonda Lu, and Jannelle were Trendy-Mindys (to use an Angie-ism) and dined at the ultra-hip Virago. Katie made an appearance and hung out for a while in between studying for her Orals and Writtens. I passed on their famous sushi but was brave and tried a bite of Em’s.

After dinner we met up with Ari and her crew at Johnny Jackson’s and danced the night away. Thankfully the Scary Larrys decided to stay in for the evening, so we were able to have a good time dancing with each other and not have to worry about "rescuing" each other. Sunday morning came early as it always does after a JJ night, but the loss of sleep was well worth our night on the town. Thanks Em for the ponchos… and I swore I’d never wear one. Oh well, stranger things have happened- Ariana was actually in town on a weekend!


Anonymous said...

yeah? well.... anyway, fyi, i'm not making a habit of being in town on weekends. however, i will say saturday was the most fun i've had in quite a while. unfortunately, you missed "to the windoooooooow, to the wall!" don't worry. i did the motions for you! ~ari

Jenni said...

Sounds like you had an awesome time! I can't believe you went to Johnny Jackson's. Remember when we went senior year b/c we are finally 18 and we got there at 9pm like major dorks!? It was funny...ahhh...youth. BTW, I bet those three girls in front of me at the Clarks Concert a couple months ago were Tri Delts. They had no concept of personal space either. Love ya hon!

Amanda said...

GB: yes, I remember and laugh about that still! We all had to call our moms and get later curfews since the place was empty till 11:30!! And you got that guy kicked out who tried to offer you a beer :o)

Adam said...

The Clarks?! Anybody who likes The Clarks must immediately let me know, so I can welcome them as members of the family!