Friday, November 12, 2004


This is just something random to perk up your Friday. What will they think of next?? Actually, there is something out there called Bow-Lingual that we were going to get for our 2 dogs at home. I need to get a picture of Stockwell on here- now That is blogworthy- and he has a funny story to go with his odd-shaped body.

But anyways- Bow-lingual is this device that you hook to your dog's collar and program in what breed he is. For mixed breeds, you put in the size of his snout and shape of ears and some other characteristics, and it matches your dog to the closest breed. The thought is that different breeds have different inflections in their voices, similar to a person from China speaks differently than a person in Norway.

Why Norway, you may ask? Well I just don't think we give enough credit to the Norwegians personally. I mean, granted, they got the 1994 Olympics, but what else are they known for?
So you put this device on the dog's collar, and then there is a separate monitor that you look at, and it translates your pet's barks, growls, and basically any verbal noises they make. Our dog Stockwell is part human I think, and we swear that sometimes the dog is speaking English, his funny noises are so conversational. But the scientists that developed Bow-lingual have done research that supports the idea that different pitch frequencies of the noises dogs make are equivalent to the emotion they are trying to communicate. Pretty amazing stuff, really.

Now who's excited about the weekend? I am! I am! My "best-friend-Heather-from-home" is coming in town this weekend for her Bridal shower that Ang and I are throwing, and a bunch of us are going to see cutie-patootie Dave Barnes tonight at Vandy. Also, the Battle of the Losers is taking place in the SEC this weekend. That's right people, get excited. It's the Vanderbilt-Kentucky game. This you will remember, is the one where I insulted our QB last year in front of his parents who happened to be sitting in front of me. Oopsy! Let's see if Kentucky has any shred of dignity left in their team... And in the meantime, November 20th can't get here fast enough. (That of course is when the Real UK Wildcats take the floor.)

In other news, Ari has got me curious about ebay (I was CUR-ious!) and so I put in my first bid ever yesterday. Unfortunately, I am not ebay savvy yet, and lost all 3 items I bid on. There is an art to this I have found. More to come on this later. Happy Friday!


James said...

So it will make the barks into english?

Amanda said...

yes- the monitor will say things like, "leave me alone" and "Let's pla." So of course, it isn't an exact science, but that monitor gives you an idea of what mood your dog is in.

Anonymous said...

don't let ebay frazzle you. i've had to give up 3 bids already b/c i'm just not willing to pay all that much. i admit it, i'm cheap. it's people like me that keep ebay alive. keep the hope alive! you CAN win something. ~ari

Amanda said...

I CAN be a winner, I CAN!

Mark Kelly Hall said...

"It isn't an exact science..." File that one under "understatement of the month," right next to, "Vandy might not win this week" (never mind this past week's game, that was just because Kentucky must REALLY suck this year). Wait, I have more sarcasm...

What, have you become such a hardened skeptic toward scientific achievements in the field of doggy-human communication that you refuse to trust completely in a device that its makers (who most likely have college degrees) claim will translate barks and growls into human expressions of emotion? I mean, surely they don't stand to make money from this device (probably all goes back into research)...and surely they realize pet-lovers are the toughest sell when it comes to items that help legitimize the owners' assertions that their animals are really human...? How could you doubt? Why, I bet you don't even call your dogs your "babies." Cold-hearted soul, you are! I'll just call you "Cruella DeVille" from now on! And don't think Child and Family, I mean the ASPCA won't hear about this!

OK, I got it all out. Cute dog, though.

Jenni said...

OOH OOH Let me tell the Stockwell Story!!!!

I all started on Ohio State-Michigan Saturday: My sister and I were sent to Kroger to buy the makings for Buckeyes (peanut butter balls dipped in chocolate) and instead we came home with a half-lab half-bassett hound.

Parents: not amused. We already had two dogs. Had to get rid of the puppy in one night or else.

SOOOOO, the Bradley's, who were canine-challenged (they only had one, I mean, you need at least as many dogs as kids) lived CONVENIENTLY on the way to PetsMart. Amanda , I said, you just have to see what Tara and I got!

So Mrs. B opened the door. And she's been trying to get me to take that dog back ever since.

HEHE, they named him Stockwell too. What a great name.

Anonymous said...

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