Monday, November 22, 2004

the weekend, etc.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… at least at my house it is. I spent the day with Momma and Daddy B, pulling out boxes and boxes of Christmas decorations. I know it’s a bit premature, but this weekend after Thanksgiving is going to be spent in Knoxvegas watching the Cats lose- I mean play against- the Vols. Basically we were decorating around my schedule that allowed me to be home yesterday. We blasted an array of favorite Christmas CDs (I don’t care what you say- Give me my Celine and Amy Grant Christmas CDs and I’m ready for Santa Claus) and made several trips up and down the stairs while I tried my best to convince my mother to put up the artificial "Blue Tree" in the kitchen this year. The Blue Tree used to go up every year in our living room and was decorated with white and blue lights, and UK and BHS ornaments, aside from our regular Christmas tree in the den. Last year mom was Bah-humbug and decided not to put the Blue Tree up, and I didn’t push it. But this year, I have Christmas spirit abounding, and am determined to have that tree up somewhere!! I’ll tell you what I DO have, thanks to the Blue Tree though. When we bought the artificial tree that would soon become the traditional Blue Tree several years ago, it came with what the box labeled as "Bonus Tree" that was around 2 feet tall. Not "A bonus tree" but just "Bonus Tree." So ever since then, the inanimate tree has always been called Bonus Tree. For example, a typical conversation around my house would have been,
"Hey mom, where are you going to put Bonus Tree this year?"
"Bonus Tree is going in the kitchen on the side table."

We tend to have several household items that are named this way. I own a step ladder known as Skinny Mini, and there’s a certain way you have to say the name in order to have Skinnnnnnny Minnnnnni handed to you. My family also has a big barbecue brush that is actually labeled on the handle as Barbecue Brush in big letters. In order to obtain this coveted brush, you must yell the name Barbecue Brush when you want someone to get it out of the drawer. Yelling is the equivalent of the big printed words on the side of the brush. Come by my house- you will be entertained for sure.

This year however, the Bonus Tree legacy has been passed down to me. Emmy Sue and Rhonda Lu, get ready, because you don’t know what you’ve been missing! Christmas just isn’t Christmas without Bonus Tree.

In other weekend update news, the Cats won their season opener- Kentucky fans everywhere are saying TGIBS (Thank goodness it’s basketball season), and back in the NFL the Titans actually won a conference game. Jenni’s Suckeyes pulled off an important win against Michigan despite the coaches calling me and asking me if I wanted to borrow one of the flashy cars from the car dealers up in Columbus. Sorry Jenni- it’s looking shady for OSU right now. And did everyone see that awful NBA brawl? Just crazy! What a disgrace, but for a non-NBA fan like myself it got me interested!

The movie night at the Penthouse went great Sat night. It was good to finally see Elf since I’ve been quoting the previews for a year now!

And finally, Ari and I went to see the IMAX Polar Express last night with Laura, George, Mom, & Dad. Bradley and Bryant give the film 2 thumbs up. I can’t imagine seeing it in a non-IMAX theater- the effects were great. After getting over the initial giggles of laughing at each other in the funny 3D glasses, we settled in to enjoy a heartwarming tale of a young boy on a journey of self-discovery. Actually dad did bust out laughing on occasion after looking at Mom in her 3D glasses. He apparently thought he was sporting them much better than she was. We walked out of the theater all warm and fuzzy until dad ruined the moment and said what little Bobby really got for Christmas was probably a box of rocks. The Polar Express. Go see it. In the meantime, get back to work you slackers. Who’s excited about a 3 day work week? Well definetly not me. I love my job. Cheers.


Anonymous said...

it wasn't little bobby who got a box of rocks, it was little billy (from the "other" side of the tracks). fyi, your dad is a bad man. :) ~ari

MamaB said...

I loved your Christmas blog and you really made me laugh with our funny way we say "skinny miiiinnnnnni" and BBQ brush and Bonus Tree!! I'm sure there are others you have forgotten!! No comment on the blue tree in the kitchen-----it's too big and why should we put up a blue tree--no one goes to a school that has blue and white for their colors---now maybe, a red tree with Jenni's Ohio State ornament on it and red for my RAPTORS!!! Love ya, Mom

RAAAGER said...

Three day work week? YOu mean there are people that will actually be off work for FOUR days in a row??? WOW, must be nice. Some of us will get Thursday off, but fri and Sat will be work as usual. Enjoy the time off!!

Jenni said...

Yeah, SOME people take care of the SICK for four days this week. Tuesday-Friday, look for me in the hospital not on the couch! At least I get Thanksgiving Dinner at Andy's boss's house Thursday and again at his parents on Saturday. Lots of Turkey :-)

Mama B-I think a Red tree is a great idea! You definitely should support your new high school, Amanda can set up the blue tree in her cute pink apartment :-) hahaha!

Kobosky262 said... kill me! What a wondful Christmas cheer spirit you have, I have been listening to Amy and Steven Curtis and Michael and Bing! Hong Kong is slowly getting the cheer on. Let the good times roll! Love you.