Friday, November 05, 2004

4 More years

Now I know what you're thinking... but this is not about bashing W or lamenting Kerry (whom I did vote for) (hey, I'm 2 for 2 voting for presidential candidate Losers!)

But I did think it was high time we brought some intelligent conversation into the divadomain which is usually only concerned with anything pink, inside jokes, and random observations. Now that the election is over, I just have a few comments to make.

The exit polls have shown that people voted primarily on the candidate whom they felt had the strongest moral values. Moral issues outweighed the economy, foreign policy, and the war in Iraq, all of which were proven to be major factors for voters. This is amazing to me, and shows the real character of the American people. Being the first election post September 11th, these results show that the people of the United States agree that while neither candidate was perfect, or even ideal, that what matters most is that you have a president that stands firm on what he believes is right and wrong. Maybe this voting on moral character is a reflection on our country's own moral stance, and spiritual awakening of our nation post September 11th. Bush may not have made all the right choices during his 4 years, but at least he doesn't waver on what he believes. Now I am not naive enough to believe that Bush has always made the best decisions for our nation- he is president because he is a politician, and you aren't a politician without "working the people," and implementing the "I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine" theory. But at least we can always look at his Christian faith to gauge where he might stand on an issue, whether we believe the same as he does or not.

Here's what's discouraging though: the exit polls have also shown that with all of MTV's and star-studded voting campaigns that young voters- ages 18-24- had the same voting percentage this election as we did in 2000. What gives? If you or someone you know didn't vote this year, you have 4 years to redeem yourself and get out there and get to the polls. There is no excuse in this age of information to not have an educated opinion about politics.


emilyb said...

VERY well said, my dear. I think the silent majority in America really responds to Bush's faith and stance on certain issues.

About the exit polls...yes, the 18-24 year olds stayed at 17%. However, the overall number of votes increased in this election and therefore the number of young votes did increase...but the percentage stayed the same. But I still don't think enough young people are voting. Perhaps they don't feel educated enough to make their own decision. Or maybe since so many are probably still depending on their parents, they don't feel that the issues at stake directly affect them. This is absurd, of course, but I think it may be a factor.

Jenni said...

I think the young people in this country between 18 and 24 are increasingly becoming a 2nd adolescence as far as their view of the world. Think about it, if you are in the middle class, you've graduated high school, you pretty much have to seek higher education in order to obtain a good job. So you enter a period of feigned independence. You are pretty much financially dependent on your parents, attending a university where you 'expand your mind' and you don't yet have a full understanding of what your vote can do to influence your future way of life. If you don't go to college, and you have to work, you're out their grinding to make ends meet and probably not really placing a lot of stock in the system. I just think that it's not until after 23 or 24 that we socially become true adults and therefore take our voting responsibility seriously. I know I didn't.

RAAAGER said...

Maybe they just don't think it affects them. Possibly they think that they are "too young" to worry about politics?? Whatever the reason it is discouraging to think only 17% voted, this age group is the future, and hopefully by next election they will have begun to take their responsibilty to vote more seriously.

Amanda, I enjoyed reading your thoughts and must say I am quite impressed that you would posts those thoughts. I know you were a strong Kerry supporter. I'm also glad to see Kerry and Bush are both on the same page as far as "healing the land" , after such a bitter and EXPENSIVE fight, who would have thought.

MamaB said...

Well said my dear---that is one of the things I love about you the most--you are able to still be positive. Wish I were more like you!! Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

i haven't told you recently, but i think you're amazing. you have very open perceptions and i think that is something to be highly regarded. anyway, as for the 18-24 thing...keep in mind how self-absorbed we all were in college. did anything outside of college matter? i'm not sure i knew there was anything outside of college. also, your focus wasn't on the world b/c you were worried about class, tests, date-parties, concerts, etc. it's amazing that now that we're bored with our jobs we're actually paying attention to politics. ~ari