Tuesday, November 23, 2004

The Annual Cobble Gobble

With yesterday's blog prematurely promoting Christmas, I thought it best to backtrack a little and give Thanksgiving it's proper due credit. After all, I get irritated with the stores rushing the seasons and putting out Christmas decorations in October, and here I am, ignoring Thanksgiving to blog about Christmas. My work week is thisclose from being done thankfully (pun intended of course), but the rest of the week will be a whirlwind of activities. Tomorrow after work Laura, dad and I are heading up to Cannelton, IN to spend Thanksgiving with Papa (my mom's dad) and my aunts, uncles, and cousins. Mom already left for Indiana today and will be calling us every hour on the hour to give us last minute instructions of what to bring. The holiday should prove to be fun and entertaining, complete with mom ruining some kind of Thanksgiving dish (last year her sweet potato casserole was a huge hit {insert crickets chirping here}). In all fairness though, while she is notorious for burning the rolls, the food is always wonderful- my grandfather just usually finds something to complain about. I myself don't ever eat sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, stuffing, pumpkin pie, or (gasp) Turkey, but I somehow still manage to find enough food to stuff my tummy with for days. The one food I do look forward to eating every Thanksgiving is my aunt's scooped out potatoes. Those go quick, so if you think you might want 2, better grab them both on your plate during the first round.

Let's see- what other Thanksgiving traditions do we have? Used to, I'd watch the parade all morning. Now that I'm old enough though, I go with Papa, my dad and uncles to either Yaggie's or Bear's for a drink before lunch. It's not so much about being guys and drinking beer, as much as it is the women getting them out of the house and out of the way so they can cook. I never have helped out much in the kitchen on Thanksgiving. My grandmother (The General) always had everything under control, and now mom is the same way (aptly nicknamed Little General). The phone will ring all morning as everyone coordinates what time we're eating, and we all snack on honey baked ham throughout the day until everyone arrives. I am looking forward to using the adorable Publix Pilgrim couple salt & pepper shakers that were new to Thanksgiving last year. Mom and my aunt Lisa cook, and depending on how many people come for Thanksgiving every year, it's always a toss up as to who gets to sit at the Big Table.

All the years when I was little, and even some recent years, Laura, myself, and our cousins Ryan and Eric were always stuck at the kids table. No matter how old we get, there are always those older than us. With 13 cousins on that side of the family it's no wonder. This gave us plenty of opportunities to be loud, spit drinks of our mouths from laughing so hard, and generally get in trouble somehow, so I guess I can look back and appreciate the separation from everyone else with fondness.

The Cannelton trip will comprise of catching up on the latest family gossip, and should also include a trip to the notorious Pumper. Last time I brought back a bottle of Frank's hot sauce unknowingly. Let's see what I can come up with this time.

In the meantime, Happy Thanksgiving. "Now you say Happy Thanksgiving Back."
"appy Thanksgeeveeng, back." Aside from any otherYou've Got Mail quotes, if you've got any fun Thanksgiving traditions or stories to share feel free to share with the rest of the group. Angie's best friend Megan has what they call the Cobble Gobble every year. Her last name is Cobble, hence the Cobble Gobble. They even give out an award every year called the Grand Gobbler that goes to the person who had the best attitude, ate the most food, played the best in football, etc. The best all-around, if you will. Ross and Monica on Friends had the Geller Bowl every year. What traditions do you have?

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MamaB said...

I can't think of any more traditions that we have--but thanks for blogging about what a fun family we are!!