Friday, November 19, 2004

In the Pink

Oh Joy, Oh Rapture! I stumbled upon something great just now and thought I'd better share. For what could be better than combining Target' (French pronunciation of course denoted by the apostrophe substituting for an accent) and the color pink? The two teamed up for a good cause! Target' has a new line called Target Pink that comprises of all rose-hued products, and a portion of the profit goes to breast cancer research. This is a cause that hits particularly close to home as a good friend of mine lost her mother to breast cancer this past year. I challenge everyone to find a cause and give back to others during this holiday season. Remember the old adage, 'tis better to give than to receive unless it's pink items, and then I'd rather receive. I made an addendum to the old adage- hope you don't mind. :o)


Kobosky262 said...

Way to go PINK! It is taking over the world! Love you ~shel

Jenni said...

Yay Target! I'll have to hit that up, since I've been adding pink to my wardrobe, all in the name of a good cause of course :-)

love you GB!