Sunday, June 25, 2006

Legal Sorostitution

Look out Louisville, the DZ's are out on the town!

This past weekend I drove up to Louisville (pronounced LOO-uh-vl) to reunite with 3 of my college sorority sisters. Colleen has become all Susie Homemaker on us and hosted us at her super-nice, big-girl house (suddenly being an accountant didn't seem all that bad!). I was first to arrive around 9:30 pm EST, so Colleen and I played catch up on our lives, and swapped the latest gossip on the goings-on of our fellow Delta Zetas. Holt finally rolled in around midnight that night, and Stephanie arrived the next morning around noon. We had an awesome weekend telling old stories on each other and reminding ourselves of the hilarious things that happened to us whiloe we lived in the DZ house together (Colleen as the Don of the DZ MOB, Stephanie's 21st birthday antics, Holt taking her pants off in the house kitchen, and me almost getting hit by a bus before our fall formal). Mary Anna, I brought my pink friendship journal that you gave me and made each of them fill it out, so that helped to jog our memories of all our funny stories!

Saturday was spent lying by the pool, grabbing lunch at this cute sandwich place called the Cheddar Box where Colleen used to work, got some ice cream, and then went downtown to 4th Street after a late dinner at a local Mexican restaurant. I wish Nashville had something similar to 4th street- it's a cluster of restaurants and bars and the street is blocked off, so it's like one big pedestrian-friendly bar district. They have a piano bar, a pool hall/bowling alley, a dance club, a beach-themed bar, a Maker's Mark Lounge, and several others. And of course, they have their token country bar, which is where we Kentucky girls ended up. Call it irony that the Nashvillian drives all the way up to Lousiville to visit a country bar, I suppose. Although this place is a total fraud when compared to the Lo-Bro classics like Tootsies and Roberts, so I didn't really feel like I was cheating on Nashville per-say.

Camera in hand, we pretended like we were back in college and closed the bar down, getting home close to 5am! I hope we can continue to make the effort to get together. Who else can I entertain by singing all my old Delta Zeta songs?

Hey, ironing is hard work! You need to have refreshments close-by! (typical Holt)

Wolfinbarger finishes filling out the "Turtle Talk" journal

Holt and Colleen showing off their snazzy armbands

Delta Zeta Lamps are still burning; Amanda, Colleen, Wolfinbarger (Stephanie), & (Amanda) Holt

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Holt said...

Pics are great - be sure to email them to me!
I had a blast and agree that we need to find the time to do it more often....