Friday, June 30, 2006

Boys, Baseball, & Beer

As a legal adult, last night was my first experience with Thirsty Thursdays at the Sounds game. Me, Lana, Rhonda, and Sarah met up after work and went down to Greer Stadium- yes, you heard me right, 4 cute girls, watching baseball, and drinking beer- and we’re all still single?! What’s that all about? (Well, technically one’s off the market) I had forgotten to apply my lucky Creamy Coconut lotion, but I did not let that deter me from scoping out the groups of men at the ballpark. And oh my, were there boys everywhere! Even before we walked into the ballpark 2 men approached us and offered us free tickets on the 2nd row behind home plate! And there was no catch- they didn’t want money for them, they just had extra tickets, so we said thank you and graciously accepted them. What luck! Once inside, the 4 of us grabbed a few chairs and sat in the sun close to the beer vendors and took advantage of their Thirsty Thursday drink specials for awhile before the game began. It was a great spot to get some sun and people-watch. We were still sitting there when the national anthem began, so after silencing Lana during the solemn moment, Sarah put her right hand (which was holding her beverage) over her heart, and she proceeded to tilt her head down and her cup up just enough so that she could reverently sip her beer during the song. Classic!

Next on the agenda was food, so we got our hot dog fixes. While at the condiment stand with Sarah, the new Shakira song came on and we started singing along. Much to our surprise, the strange man standing next to us doctoring up his hamburger also began to sing along. Then he proceeded to tell us how he met Shakira once, and went on and on about her until we walked away trying not to laugh. You can meet some interesting people at the condiment stand.

Finally 3 innings into the game we made our way to our amazing, free 2nd row seats behind the plate. Conveniently enough we had a great view of the Sounds dugout, the batters and catchers (and I don’t even know ‘er) and best of all, the hot, hot umpire. We easily entertained ourselves those around us with our antics of wearing our sunglasses at night, singing all the songs that came on, and commenting on the attractiveness of each player that came up to bat. (Don’t be jealous Lana, that Krynzel smiled at me!)

Boys, Baseball, and Beer- does it get any better? It’s a perfect symbiotic relationship between the 3; you can’t have baseball without boys, and the beer just makes everything better.


Sarah said...

I'm fairly certain we had the MOST fun out of everyone attending last night's game. But who's surprised? We make our own fun wherever we go! :-D

Also, I maybe forgot about our Shakira friend until you reminded me here. Correct me if I'm wrong: was he wearing a Lakers jersey?!! "Shakira...she really DOES make a man wanna learn Spanish."

Anonymous said...

How did I not hear about the Shakira story last night????
AND BY THE WAY, not to steal your thunder or anything......but Krynzel was looking at me, so there.