Sunday, June 04, 2006

a purdy good weekend

This past weekend was one that was highly anticipated, even though I had just had an amazing previous Memorial day weekend and a four-day work week. Friday was Beth's birthday so she and I partook in a ritualistic Friday Starbucks run on our morning break (Really?? I mean REALLY?!) where I discovered my new favorite drink- a tall fat-free Coconut Latte- it tastes exactly like an Almond Joy (or is it a Mounds?). Then we had a girls lunch at Calypso Cafe- Beth's choice- before finally heading out that night with a bunch of people to celebrate her big 2-5 in style at Saffire in Franklin. I'll admit I was most psyched about this dinner party because I had an awesome new dress to wear. It's one that Beth "made" me buy when we were at TJ Maxx after convincing me that despite the fact that I couldn't wear it to work or to church that I could wear it to her birthday party that her husband Daniel was planning for her. Deal, I said, and I promptly purchased the dress.

Saturday was pretty uneventful although I did meet MA, Em, and Lana at a Sounds baseball game. The Sounds ended up winning, and we got to see some amazing "Reworks" after the game (they really need to get those lights on the scoreboard working!).

Today after church I spent the day helping my parents around the house. Since they're getting ready to put the house on the market we painted the laundry room and their bedroom. It was actually kind of fun- I got to learn how to put on a dryer hose and connect that to the wall, and I was able to utilize my painting skills that ironically enough, I attribute to my New York mission trip last summer. It's kind of funny because you always think about God teaching you things in your day-to-day life that will help you out on a mission trip, and not the other way around, but I certainly didn't know anything about painting techniques before working in that NYC middle school last summer, and that experience certainly came in handy today. Dad nicknamed me "Spongey" because in his opinion I was using up the paint unusually fast.

We had one of what I love to call Blogworthy Moments when mom volunteered to go to Home Depot to buy another gallon of paint while dad and I continued working. Besides the paint, dad told her to get a pack of Purdy rollers also. Without looking up from what I was doing, I knew what was about to follow and I began to laugh in anticipation. "Pretty rollers," she said? "What are those?" As a girl in-the-know (again, drawing from that Kairos mission trip where all I did was paint for an entire week solid) I laughed and said "Purdy. P-U-R-D-Y- it's a brand name, Mom."

The other amusing thing that made the painting more enjoyable was the whistling and singing in tandem by dad and myself to the Christmas song, Sleigh Ride. Random? Absolutely. This went for about 15 minutes or so before I finally asked dad what in the world made him start to sing that song. Apparently when I bumped into a wind chime hanging above the laundry room window it reminded him of the sound of Jingle Bells, and thus, the Christmas caroling began.

Now it's close to beddy-bye time and everything on me hurts. No matter that my softball game got rained out today- I definitely still got my work-out for the day!


daddy b said...

And not just rollers... Purdy makes some purdy good brushes too!
Thanks for the help "spongey"

Anonymous said...

(everybody sing it with me...)
almond joys have nuts. mounds don't!


MamaB said...

Yes, thanks for the hard work--it sure saved my back a lot of pain. I liked being the "supervisor" and person in charge of buying paint and purdy rollers.
And while you two were whistling away to "sleigh bells", I was adding some sounds of my own in the kitchen to your little festive song!!

Mary Anna said...

sometimes you feel like a nut--sometimes you don't!