Sunday, June 18, 2006

It's that time again

Time to see a recap of the weekend in pictures!

There are no photos available from Friday night's brownie-margarita-queso-movie extravaganza, but 8 or so of us piled into the Penthouse and ate junk food, had a dance party in the kitchen (why is it that these always occur in the kitchen anyways?) and had a hilarious conversation about the stupid things that guys say. Sorry fellas, while I hate to generalize about your gender as a whole, some of the pick-up lines you all come up with are just laughable.

Lana actually had a guy say to her, "you seem like you're the kind of girl that it takes a lot to impress." And then in the next breath, "but if you wanted to have sex with me tonight I wouldn't lose respect for you." "Thanks for the permission to sleep with you, but no thanks," was her general response after she got over the initial shock that the guy had actually just said that to her!

We watched the oft-quoted-movie in our circle of friends, SHAG, and then most of us fell asleep while watching Zoolander, movie number two that night.

Saturday night I went downtown with Beth/Steph and her friend Rachel who was in town visiting. Laura was over at the house, so she and I both got ready together- she even let me do her eye makeup for her- eyeliner and all- this is usually a source for debate when putting on makeup. She's not an eyeliner fan, and I swear by the stuff!

We popped into a tourist shop to see if we could find any cute cowboy hats for Beth and Rachel before heading to Roberts, but unfortunately, this was the best we could come up with!

After a stop in Roberts, we 3 gals mosied over to Tootsie's (at my request of course) and grabbed a table in the back room, where we talked to a group of guys for a long time who were from Canada and had driven all the way down to Nashville for a bachelor party. We also met a young man who was quite taken with my pink cowboy hat, and so I oblidged when he asked for a dance.

More to come on Dad's day which was today.


MamaB said...

The picture of you and Laura---you look so much alike and that picture is the first one that I have seen that shows that....must be the "eyeliner"!!!

emilyb said...

Cute picture of you dancing with that guy. But did anyone notice the guy on the right? He's either stealing your wallet...or grabbing your butt. Hmmm...

Mary Anna said...

LOL at Em's comment!

Ok lovin' that you're back on the saddle! Ride 'em cowgirl!

MamaB said...

I wondered the same thing about the guy staring at her behind--but being her mom, I just assumed he was admiring the floor or something.