Sunday, June 11, 2006

birthdays and bachelorettes

Argo, Kelly, Camper Anne, Steph, & AJ

a great color combination if I do say so myself!

This weekend was just what the doctor ordered. Who needs guys when you can have amazingly fun times with your girls?

I drove up to Lexington Thursday as soon as I got off work to celebrate former Sugar Shack roommate Stephanie's birthday. I hadn't been up to LexVegas since this past October (McCarthy's and Keeneland anyone?) so I was long

Freshman Friends

overdue for a visit. The drive was oddly comforting as I reminisced on my former college days, and thought about the countless times I had made this drive over the years. Even still, I have not yet managed to snap a picture of the Used Cows For Sale sign on 1-65 close to Sonora, KY that has been posted ever since I made my first college visit to UK back in 1998! I guess someone is buying used cows for that sign to still be necessary! It was late when I finally rolled into Wildcat Country, but Steph had to wait up for another friend who was also driving in town that night, so to pass the time we visited Pazzo's, a local campus favorite. The place was fairly empty, but I didn't think twice when a guy asked to see my ID upon walking towards the bar. It was Stephanie who realized he didn't have a Pazzo's shirt on, and was just a guy at the bar, asking to see our IDs! I am pretty much oblivious when it comes to things like this! As it turned out, one of the other guys who was friends with the wannabe-bouncer was a kid I had a conducting class with in college. Joe-the-trumpet-player and I caught up, and as it would happen, he has goofed around and Still hasn't finished his undergraduate degree- so it could be worse than having a useless degree, Mom & Dad- I could still be going on 7 years to complete it! Joe, Brandon-the-wannabe-bouncer, and quiet friend #3 invited us to sit up at the bar with them to talk, and Steph and I had a good laugh at the situation in between barroom chitchat with the 3 Stooges.

Friday was spent lounging by the pool during the day and then Steph's birthday celebration that night. 9 girls piled into a limo and rode around town, then headed to Buddy's for dinner, followed by champagne and cupcakes in the limo, and finally ending up at the Blue Moon in their VIP room. We danced the night away, high heels and all- what can I say? I'm a slave for fashion!

Saturday I waved goodbye to Lexington and got back in Nashville just in time to take a 30 minute nap and get ready to go out again, this time for Karen's bachelorette party!

This was Karen's last weekend in Nashville, and last weekend to be single. She had never been out on the town in Music City, so we gussied up and showed Karen Nashville's trendy side. We started out at Layl'a Rul, had dinner at the Bound'ry, then went to Virago, Red Door Saloon, and back to Layl'a Rul, where we started the night. Karen had a blast, as did the rest of us. I recommend the White Grape martini at Layl'a and the Keylime tartini at Virago- both were unique and yummy.

This girls weekend was Just what the doctor ordered!


Mary Anna said...

We have an anomaly here---there are TWO, count 'em, TWO Red Door Saloons. One on Division and one in East Nashville...

So good to see sweet Ellen on the blog!

BTW, Ellen: I went to a Sanrio in the Tampa Mall and bought some fun stuff!

emilyb said...

Yay for a much-needed girls weekend! It sounds like Friday night is going to be very similar. Whoohoo!

Love ya,

PS - You know, Amanda...(hadn't said it in a while)

Sarah said...

I haven't snapped a pic of the Used Cows sign either, and I ALWAYS mean to!! Gotta git 'r done...

So sad I missed out on the fun this weekend, but I was holdin it down in Lex-town. Let's do the outing again soon, though, okay? Also gotta git 'r done.

I think maybe I spent too much time with the indigenous rednecks at the Bluegrass Festival.

ellen said...

I'm glad you had a great weekend Amanda! :)
Next time I'll try not to be underdressed and be on the dance floor...
Hey Mary Anna:)...Did you go to the Sanrio at the Internat'l Plaza next to the airport? I've been to that one a few times!

Mary Anna said...

Yep, Ellen, that's the one!