Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Fancy meeting You here!

I am convinced the more I study about spiritual warfare that it is happening around us all the time; it’s just that most of the time we fail to recognize it as such. We blame things on luck, circumstances out of our control, or chalk it up to life not being fair and not going our way sometimes. Conversely, I am convinced that God blesses us more abundantly than we ever give him credit for. Good fortune does not simply come our way. It is God pouring out big and small blessings to get us through the day. Most of the time, I don’t notice them. I arrogantly think good things come my way because I deserved or earned them. Yesterday though, I had one of those cool “God Moments” where I couldn’t deny that the Lord had blessed me indeed in bringing a friend to me, and I to her, in a specific time and place when we needed it.

I had had a rough day at work, and as I was leaving yesterday afternoon I called up my good friend Mary Anna, who, as God would have it, had also just gotten into her car. It was perfect timing for us to talk and gripe about our days while we drove! She was on her way home from running and errand and I was on my way to run one. We were having a great talk, and so as I got out of my car, I lingered on the sidewalk outside the store I was about to go in, so as not to hash out my personal life in a public arena. I had been standing outside the local business establishment for several minutes when all of a sudden on the other end of the phone I heard MA interrupt herself mid-thought and say, “wait a minute, is that You?!” The next thing I knew, I was staring in disbelief at my friend who had pulled up right next to where I was standing. She was taking a short cut through the shopping center to get gas, and had I stayed in my car, or gone into the store, we would have completely missed one another!

I proceeded to hang up my phone, and hop into her car where she and I talked for another hour and a half, that is, after we got through giggling at how funny it was that we ran into each other randomly! It was as if God knew we each needed encouragement from the other, and ordained us to have that conversation in person. I am so grateful to have friends like that, where time flies when we talk, and we understand what the other is going through. So often I get troubled by all the Have-nots in my life, that I forget all of the Haves, and I miss God’s blessings completely. I’m just glad that this day I was looking up!


MamaB said...

That's a great "God given" story. And you are right, we don't stop enough to think about other opportunities God has given to us on a day-by-day basis.

Mary Anna said...

I'm still laughing at how preposterous it was for us to have run into each other. Seriously---I NEVER take shortcuts in that parking lot.

And can I just say that we talked until my gas light came on!?