Thursday, January 12, 2006

I wish I knew how to quit incorporating this movie quote into my conversations

So it's time you share in the catch phrase from the Diva Convention 2006. You might wonder to yourself, self, why do I care what Bradley, Ari, and Conley said every chance they got during Conley's visit to Nashvegas? Well I'll tell you. You will care if you have any interest in the upcoming Golden Globes. Intrigued? Then read further.

Conley's stay in Nashville over New Year's and the first few days of this new year were spent leisurely and with no agenda of places we had to be. In fact, on New Year's day we slept late, ate a fantastic lunch prepared by Momma B (complete with black eyed peas and cabbage to bring luck and wealth in the new year) (I ate a ton of these dishes just to be sure), and then spent the rest of the day laying on my bed watching the extended versions of first and second Lord of the Rings. Seriously. We did nothing. And for my usual type A personality that can't stand to be unproductive for that long, it was wonderful. So we're watching Frodo and the others make the long journey with the ring, and eventually Conley began making jokes about how the Hobbits' longing towards one another could be perceived as being very homoerotic. I got mad at her for ruining the movies for me, but then it began to get humorous as we both inserted our own dialogue into the films. Finally at one point, I said, mimicking Sam, "I wish I knew how to quit you, Mr. Frodo!"

This quote comes from Brokeback Mountain, aka The Gay Cowboy movie. Neither of us had seen the film, but this line is part of the preview for the movie. Even funnier was the, "I wish I knew how to quit you, Samwisegamgee." And this, you see, became the catch phrase for the weekend. (And when you say the quote, you have to use a husky, Jake Gyllenhaal-esque voice. This makes the reference funnier.) Eventually, curiosity got the best of us, so Conley, Ari, Mom, and myself ventured to Green Hills, the only theater in Nashville showing this movie, to see Brokeback Mountain and find out what all the fuss was about. Plus we had to find out if Jake ever figured out how to "quit" Heath Ledger.

The theater was so packed we had to sit on the very front row and crane our necks uncomfortably all to watch a couple of sheep herders in wranglers realize their love for one another and mask it in society. Conley, Ari, and I sat there with baited breath (that was one I got right in the grammar quiz!), waiting for our line to be said. Unfortunately, that was pretty much the highlight of the film for us. We all came out of there pretty apathetic about what is supposed to be such a controversial movie.

Now the Hollywood Foreign Press has honored Brokeback Mountain with a leading 7 nominations for the upcoming Golden Globes. Are you kidding me? was my exact thought when I read that today. I mean, I had heard all the hype- that's why I went and saw the movie to begin with, but after seeing it, I didn't believe the hype would actually come to fruition. I wish I knew how to quit trying to predict you, Hollywood Foreign Press!


Anonymous said...

i wish i knew how to quit getting images of that movie in my head. urg. but bradley, always know that, "you shire."

Amanda said...

LOL- the BackShire Boys! I was too tired when writing this last night to figure out a way to include that. That was one of your more witty moments, Ari!

PS- I'll host a Globe Party Sunday night if you gals wanna make an event out of it.

Sarah said...

I hate to be the one to post this...really, I do...but it should actually read "bated breath," not "baited breath." You did it get it right on the quiz; baited breath would in fact be stinkier than bated breath because it's um, full of bait. But bated is the correct spelling when you're talking about breath that's been abated. I only know 'cause my momma didn't raise no fools...and she drilled this one into my little head. Sorry, Bradley!

Mark Kelly Hall said...

Please let the record show that I, previously herein dubbed the Grammar Nazi, was not the one to point out Ms. Bradley's error. Sarah beat me to it.

I understand "The Last Temptation of Christ" was pretty lame, too. Seems to be a principle; if you can't make a GOOD film, then make a CONTROVERSIAL film. Same result in the box office and the awards show.