Thursday, January 05, 2006

Alright already!

So here we are, trucking along through 2006 and the divadomain has been sadly dormant since before Christmas. So sue me. I was enjoying time with friends and family and wasn't parked in front of a computer like I normally am- and I was out living those blogworthy moments that I will now try and find the time and space to write about- or about which to write, if you're being a grammar Nazi. (we know you're out there, Mark Kelly Hall!!!)

My family spent Christmas here in town. Sarah and I trekked out to Hendersonville for Mary Anna's annual family Christmas Eve brunch, which I hope will become an annual event for me to attend (Can we say cheese grits? Mmmmm!). Later that day we went to the BBC Christmas Eve service, followed by our own family traditions, including watching Christmas Vacation.

Christmas morning we went to church (after all that controversy over whether or not to hold services Christmas day, let me just tell you, the sanctuary was Packed.) and then opened presents once we got home. It made Christmas last longer in the day though, so although having Christmas fall on a Sunday made things different, it was still nice and relaxing.

After a quick trip to Indiana (a TAR blog is on its way from this trip), and celebrated Mom and Dad's 32nd wedding anniversary, it was time to prepare for New year's.

One of the original DIVAS, Conley, came into town, and so I threw a party in her honor! (well, really it was a new year's eve party- but I told Conley it was all for her! Actually, I told Scottie that it was a birthday party for HER too!) We had a random assortment of people, but had a great time mingling, eating, and what else- Dancing!!

One random yet fun anecdote from the party was that 8 minutes before midnight these 4 guys (and I use this term loosely since they were practically in diapers) show up at my back door and began to peer inside. I looked around and assessed that no one knew who they were nor were expecting them, so I poked my head out to talk to them. Long story short, they were supposedly looking for a particular party and were obviously at the wrong house- but a few of them recognized Tadd from when he taught at Brentwood high. One kid said, "yeah, I remember you- you gave me ISS twice!" You all go to Brentwood high I asked, feeling rather old. "went," they corrected, "we graduated in 2004." Wow. Yeah people, we're that old.

Yeeeaahh... about that... I have NO idea what Jess was doing here in this "candid" pose!

Emily & I demonstrating our best Zoolander Blue Steele looks!


Mary Anna said...

Happy New Year Diva Domain! I'm SO glad you're back because now I have something to do at "work."

Normally I can't stand narcissistic grammatical corrections, however, I'm going to have to step outside myself and make one:

The Brown family holds an "annual" Christmas Eve brunch, not an "anual" Christmas Eve brunch. The reason I feel this is necessary to point out is because without careful attention, one might mistake "anual" for "anal" and therefore think that my family has an "Anal Brown Family Christmas Eve Brunch."

And the photo of me and Tadd and Jess...we were doing the "candid-look-like-we're-socializing-at-a-fun-party pose." If you'll notice, Tadd and Jessica's hands are gesturing and my mouth is speaking...We're having oh-so-much candid fun!

Amanda said...

In haste to post the first blog of the new year to appease the grumbling masses, I neglected to use spell check. You're killin me Smalls!

Sarah said...

Maybe the cheese grits I enjoyed on Christmas Eve are responsible for my shirt shifting on New Years Eve? What is that picture?! Ew.

Thanks for my birthday soiree...even if it was only partially for me. :) It makes my Top Ten of parties thrown in my honor. Gracias!

Mark Kelly Hall said...

Grammar Nazi, eh? Gee, a person tries to advocate better communication, and gets slammed for it. This is just the sort of slander up with which I shall not put!

I think I had more to say, but after one look at the Zoolander pose I forgot what it was. A reminder of why women have always ruled the world, and always will. I pray you'll always use your powers for good, ladies. Only for good.

P.S.: Welcome to the dark side, Mary Anna. I knew it was only a matter of time.