Wednesday, January 25, 2006

coo coo ah-choo!

Well I'm back from the land of swollen vocal chords and lost voices. I actually had to bite the bullet and take a sick day yesterday even though I wasn't feeling terribly sick- but hey, when you spend your day on the phone, and you can't really talk, it makes for a pretty pointless work day, ya know?

Well Sunday I was still in denial about my illness. After Sunday school and lunch, I went on a wild goose chase of local area Targets to find some throw pillows for my new bedding. At the second Target I decided to suck it up and buy some more cold medicine. Maybe some of you have experienced this lately- apparently there are all these kinds of restrictions on buying the stuff now. So as I was checking out, the girl scanned it and then asked for my date of birth. I kind of looked at her weird, and mustered up the most voulume I could get out of my strained throat and related my date of birth to her, all the while thinking she was crazy. I mean, if you took one look at me, or heard my froggy voice, and didn't realize that I was a person in desperate need of cold medicine, then I don't know who is.

Later I find out that they have begun checking ages on people who buy cold medicine, because so many people are using your run-of-the-mill cold medicine to make Meth. Ok. I'll bite. I'll give you my age, but so what? What would then prevent me from taking my perfectly legally purchased Nyquil and then turning it into an illegal substance? How does checking my birthday prevent any of this?

Also along the lines of colds, there was this interesting article in the Tennessean on Friday. This lady did a study and succintly says, "you are how you sneeze," citing people's personalities based on how people tackle sneezing. It's pretty intersting if you think about it. I am combo of the Sensitive Sneezer and the Be Right Sneezer.


Mark Kelly Hall said...

Didn't you have to show your driver's license as well? That's the norm. Maybe that rule has changed since a couple of weeks ago. The drug biz is complicated.

And since you're in a condition to be silent, in case you haven't found it already, you can download chapter one of Donald Miller's new book at:

I haven't read Blue Like Jazz, but the bit I skimmed in the bookstore looked insightful and entertaining.

He also is heard interviewing Jars of Clay on He's a better writer than interviewer, but we all have our strengths and weaknesses.

So that'll occupy an hour or so of your recovery time.

* * *

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Mary Anna said...

You only have to show ID and give them your address and phone number if you purchase a drug containing Pseudoephedrine. If you purchase one of these drugs, you have to get it directly through the Pharmacist--behind the counter. This is a TN state law, but it doesn't apply across the board. As in, when I got sick over Christmas in Asheville, I asked the pharmacist for some and he looked at me like I was crazy and said it's right behind you on the shelf. But then back in TN they practically had to do a background check on me so I could have some relief.

You probably had to give them your birthday so they could make sure you were over 18. Kids are buying OTC drugs nowadays and popping a lot of pills for a high. What happened to the good ol' days of sniffing glue and aerosol products?

Mark Kelly Hall said...


--Homer Simpson