Sunday, January 22, 2006

Come along, Jeffrey effrey effrey

yes, it's 3:30 in the morning- I should be sleeping. I seem to be doing a lot of late-night blogging lately... hmmm... well tonight's excuse was an almost 4 hour Jeffrey Steele show at 3rd & Lindsley. A-Mazing. I went with Maury from work and the Penthouse Pets, Emmy Sue & Rhonda Lu. We got lucky and scored an awesome table up front- you would not believe how many people were packed in this tiny hole in the wall to see this singer/songwriter- and thanks to the tireless efforts of E & R, we managed to get 4 chairs to put at our awesome table. So now I'm home and have this thing where I can't just go right to bed after the day's activities- I need to unwind mentally before I can make myself go to sleep- no matter how late it is. So thanks for reading this and allowing me to relax mentally before hitting the hay. Boy that early church service is going to come early tomorrow!
Alright- so JS played my favorite song- Chrome- so I was very excited. Second favorite would have to be Gone since Em and Rhonda and I have little motions we have worked out for all the lyrics. Jeffrey Steele has to be a millionaire with as many hit songs as he has. Jay Demarcus from Rascal Flatts was there tonight and he sang their new single that JS wrote called "What Hurts the Most." Kind of weird for the first single of an album to be a balad, but it's an awesome song and Rascal Flatts can get away with that kind of thing.
Here's what I could have done without: Jonelle Mosely or whatever her name was- she was a frumpy 47 year old woman who thought that she was Janice Joplin. She came up and did 3 songs with the band and if I could put a streaming video of her dancing on That-ain't-right, it would deserve a rightful place. Funniest moment of the night was during a cover of Route 66 that "Janice" was screaming- she finished a verse and indicated to the pianist that it was time for his solo. Well she gestured to him, but he shook his head- it was in fact the guitarist's solo- so she totally called out the wrong musicican. Most people wouldn't notice this sort of thing, but Maury and I caught her mistake immediately and cracked up. Here she was trying to jam and be all cool and instead she got completely shut down.
On second thought, maybe it's not That funny, but after sitting in a cramped smokey bar for 3 hours at this point, we were searching for something to laugh at and wake us up.
And speaking of waking up- I think I'll do the opposite now and crawl into bed. Wow- this is a pretty pointless blog. Thank you to the faithful readers of the Divadomain for sticking with me through the dry spells. I promise I'll have something more interesting to say tomorrow. Point is- Jeffrey Buns-of-Steele is awesome- check him out if you haven't already. That is all.
Good night, and good luck.


Anonymous said...

And you wonder why you don't feel good and are not getting any better. I love you!

daddy b said...

You are right about Jonelle. I have known her for probably twenty five years and she is always trying to be someone else. She is a good singer though when you can keep her from yelling.
PS. you need to listen to doctor Laura.

Tadd said...

Nice Quote from Charlotte's Web!

"Well hooray for Amanda!"