Thursday, January 12, 2006

Missing Mojo

So My Mojo has gone missing- has anybody seen it?

We're back from Christmas break at work and I can't sell a choral club to save my life. Without getting into my sales pitch to explain what a choral club is, trust me when I say that any church who orders music from us needs to be on one of these to get discounts on their music. The past several months I have been selling the heck out of them, and was top selling club rep for the month of December. This not said to be boastful, but rather to emphasize my bewilderment as to why now, in January, a month when churches ARE buying music (as opposed to the slow month of December), I cannot sell a club to save my life!

The highlight of my morning was when I pitched a club to a church who called in to order some kids music, and instead of joining (which, honest to goodness, would have Saved them money), after putting me on hold, they canceled the whole order altogether!!

So in short, I've lost my mojo.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe you seem too determined to make people buy this. Just lightly explain it in a non-threatning way and maybe someone will bite :) Thats how I upsell food items at work.