Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Welcome Back, Catters

The Big Blue Nation rejoices today after our boys put up a win against the GA Bulldogs last night. There were some pretty moments (nothin-but-yet jumpers by Patrick Sparks, fast break transitional shots from Rondo) and some not so pretty moments (leaving the GA guys open for 3's in the zone defense) but a win is a win. And it means we head into our home game on Saturday with some momentum.

The UK bench reacts along with Sparks after making a shot that we wish we'd see on a more consistant basis.

My favorite quote from the game came from dad, commenting on the profuse amounts of sweat covering the head coach: "Looks like Tubby's going to need to be in the tubby after this game."

Second favorite quote came from Jay Bilas at ESPN. He said that UK's mental problems have stemmed from them all watching Brokeback Mountain and crying together.


Anonymous said...

and it's about time too! go cats!!

Sarah said...

Goooooooooooooo CATS! C-A-T-S, CATS, CATS, CATS! (I'm a little bit happy.) There might be hope for us yet...

Also, I almost peed my pants while laughing at the Jay Bilas quote. Hi-larious!

Big Blue Barry said...

Now I can cancel my therapy sessions :-)

Amanda said...

or else you can employ the UK team's shrink since he seems to have done well so far!

jillymae said...

hey, what happened to the "Hillbilly Porn" post from earlier?

i only got through half of it before i had to get back to work. i was looking forward to laughing some more at that crazy song!