Sunday, January 15, 2006

white MLK. it does a body good

So I told this story to the girls last night while we were watching Grey's Anatomy at the Sorority House (aka Lisa & Sarah's apt) and they got a kick out of this story. I can't remember if I blogged about this last year or not, but since the majority of you
a) won't remember if I did
b) weren't reading the blog then
c) care if i repeat a good story
so here's one that still makes my parents laugh.

When I was in kindergarten I colored a picture of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. white. As in, blonde hair, blue eyes, and apricot crayola-hued skin. I'm sure we were learning about MLK during black history month, and at that time in my life as a 5 year old, I really didn't know that many black people. So I colored him white. If I had a scanner here at work that I could use I would have let you all share a laugh at my expense, because my parents definitely saved that fine piece of artwork.

So anyways. For all you losers who actually get this holiday off and don't have to work, I'm calling you at 6:30 am to make sure you're up anyways. You need to get a nice jump start to that day off! I however will back at the good ole' BBMPI, trying to recover my mojo. (Maybe a Mojito would work to do this. They're totally not the same thing, but I've heard that having a drink calms your nerves. I've heard that.)

Have a good one kids. Remember the Golden Globes are on tonight. I'll be curious to see
a) what the stars are wearing (PLEEAZE tell me we're over the fake orange tans already!)
b) how fares the gay cowboy movie. I didn't see most of the movies nominated yet, and Brokeback Mountain I just didn't see as being that groundbreaking or great of a movie. If someone thinks otherwise and wants to challenge my opinion, feel free. And as much as I don't like Russell Crowe as a person, I'm pulling for him to win best actor for Cinderella Man. if you didn't catch this one in the theaters, rent it, because it was one of my faves from the year.

Ok- I'm really goin' this time. Pride and Prejudice is calling my name! Happy Monday.


Mary Anna said...

I was just sharing this story with my officemate when I checked your blog to see that you've posted it! We had a good laugh at your expense.

By the way, I LOVE the title of this post!

Oh and one more thing--evidently I've joined the obnoxious ranks of the Grammar Police...

"Anyways" is actually supposed to be "Anyway." It's a common misconception, but the "s" is absent nonetheless.

What do I know??? (their)

Amanda said...

"I guess I have some things to ponder." -Derek Zoolander and Amanda Bradley on her useage of the anyway + s
nope. done thinking. I'll continue to use it incorrectly b/c I think it sounds better. Kind of like I refuse to say "elVes" over "elFs"

Joel S. said...

Mary Anna, I love you with the red hot love of a thousand lovahs! I have long fought for the emancipation of the anyway from the vile s. Elfs, by the way, are noticeably cuter than elves, so much more acceptable. Anyways...not cuter.

Amanda said...

the emancipation of the vile s.
is that anything like the new Mariah Carey album?

Anonymous said...

You said: "much as I don't like Russell Crowe as a person".
OK, this may be an assumption on my part...but I'm guessing that you don't KNOW Russell Crowe 'as a person'.
What you know is garnered from the largely made-up/ gossipy stuff put in newspapers and magazines.
Now I don't 'Know' him personally either...but I know people who do. And they have nothing but good to say and some of the things he has done are very kind and generous indeed.(Like taking the 70 year old lady who runs an unofficial Russell Crowe fan-site on a trip to Paris and the shoot of his new movie in the south of France because he'd heard she hadn't travelled because she was scared of flying.. Just one example.)
A lot of the stuff written about him is simply not true. Or written to put him in as bad a light as possible.

Mary Anna said...

Unsheathe thyself, O Anonymous one!

We don't know you "as a person" either...

Amanda said...

Queen MAB, you are one funny lady! You have me chuckling to myself here in the land of pink cubicles