Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Really, Clark?

So after catching a great show at the Bluebird tonight, I came home to watch the UK-Vandy game that I had taped. Not anything impressive to watch, considering it was a home game for us, our SEC season opener, and one of our better players' first game back from his year long suspension- plus it was vanderbilt- I mean, as a Nashvillian I do feel some loyalty towards them, but it's usually laughable to think that they would ever been Kentucky in Rupp arena. But that's exactly what happened tonight, and here I sit in my bedroom, stunned, my eyes stinging from need of sleep, as I dump all my frustration on you, the eager readers who remind me every other day about my lack of consistency blogging. So where do we go from here? Vanderbilt beat us at home? "Reeeaally, Clark?"

You may have noticed that this year's season of UK basketball opened without fanfare here on the blog, and now you begin to see why. Not because I am a disloyal fan, but because I am as baffled as the next gal who bleeds Blue, and I know when my bragging rights have been taken away. If the season continues in the same trend, I will continue to watch the games like a person watches a car wreck happening- you know you shouldn't look, but for some reason morbid curiosity can't force you to pull your eyes away, and so you watch the events unfold in horror.

And PS, can I also just say that adding to my frustration was that the tape ran out with 3 minutes to go, so I had to hear the bad news on an ESPN recap that I didn't have to wait too long to find. An upset like this will be all over the sports pages tomorrow. The media will eat this up like they would if TO were making some other stupid remark about his salary woes.

Anyways, a girl's gotta get her beauty rest, so this is your editor and CEO of the divadomain, signing out.


Anonymous said...

in a perfect world, our great team of second-string players could match up to anyone else's team of first-string players, but alas, this is not a perfect world. maybe (as tubby wishes) rondo and morris will carry us through with the possibility of being a bubble team come tourney time. doubtful, but stranger things have happened (like UK losing twice at home in one season).

Big Blue Barry said...

As a blue-blood, and native Kentuckian, I can honestly say that this year's team is one of the hardest to figure out. We had Team Turmoil in '01-'02, but they didn't have the sophomore class that we were supposed to have this year.

They finally had an inside game last night, and if it wasn't for Moss finally hitting from outside, the game would have been a lot worse.

They said during the game, that Chuck Hayes stays in contact with the team, sending them text messages, telling them how much he misses the team, and the college game. He also said that this team just doesn't have any heart. I have to agree.

They need a leader to step up. I thought it was going to be Rondo, but that doesn't look like that's going to happen. Morris looked like he was starting to establish himself as a leader last night. With all that he's been through the last several months, I think he may be able to fill that role.

This is the first year that UK has lost by 20 or more since Tubby has been there. The Kansas game was the worst defeat since '89, Pitino's first year. This is the first time in 4 years that we've lost back-to-back games.

This is going to be a long season...

Mary Anna said...

If vict’rys won, when battle’s done
Then Vandy’s name will rise in fame!

Sorry, couldn't resist---at least I'm not a UT fan!

Heather said...

Hey now... no need to trash talk a great school such as UT... don't bring them into this sad story.

Cheer up A-Rad... you are about to embark on a journey to land where Kentucky isn't even heard of and basketball is a forgotten sport. All I have heard about the last few days is Marcus Vick's fall from fame and football holiness. Now, everyone hates him. I, along with many others, could care less.

So... come join me here in the land of ACC...where sports really don't matter that much, despite what they think.

By the way- snow update- there will be none! It's hot and 55 here. Yuck... my body feels confused. I hate snow, I hate heat... where can a girl get some homeostasis??

Sarah said...

Our team just isn't looking good, kids. My suggestion? A total revamp of roster. Let's go with the following:
1. (taking applications for point guards with eligibility)
2. Rex Chapman
3. Antoine Walker
4. Jamal Mashburn
5. Sam Bowie (so he can't put sentences together on the radio and was always injured...any port in a storm)
6. Swing Man - Ron Mercer

If I'm not mistaken all of these former Cats have at least one year of playing eligbility left. I'm for it!