Sunday, August 20, 2006

Real World: BBC Singles Retreat '06

This is a true story ("truuuuueeee storrryyyy") of seven girls picked to stay in a room and share one bathroom for the weekend and have their lives invaded, to find out what happens when people stop being polite and start getting real. The Real World: BBC Singles Retreat '06.

Friday afternoon Mandy, Rhonda, Joe, Mary Anna, and me piled into a car and headed up to Camp Jonathan Creek near Lake Barkley in Kentucky. Traffic was light and we made good time, arriving after dark prior to stopping for a satisfying dinner at a local neighborhood Sonic somewhere between Nashville and our destination. We ladies hauled our bags from the car and into the girls dorm and checked the schedule of events posted on the doors, and of course, the all-important rooming list. I was shocked and appalled to discover that we were arranged in rooms of 7, with one bathroom per 7 people. This was unacceptable, and I lamented this to my fellow passengers who were also quick to discover the bunking situation we had on our hands. There were extra rooms not being used by our group, so the nice people of the facility had conveniently locked those doors for us so that we couldn't get in there to use the extra bathrooms. This was only a slight deterrent, as we simply attempted to pick the locks on the doors with bobby pins and credit cards. I say attempt because our endeavors were not successfull. After getting Aaron, our singles minister, to ask the people there at the facility if it would be possible to unlock the extra rooms, and essentially being told that no, we could not use the extra rooms, we made do with the less than ideal circumstances. Anyone can rough it for 2 days I suppose.

The retreat was a great way to meet a ton of people, and Aaron's talks were very relevant to life right now- well, his second and third talks were- I slept through the first session- I was just so tired that my body needed sleep more than it needed to learn a new spiritual truth I suppose. The team building activities we did split up in groups of 3 were really good, although I am still sore from balancing on that ropes course for 30 minutes! One exercise we were partnered up and took turns being blindfolded and led through the woods on a path while our partner told us which way to go without touching or talking. I was partnered with Chris Choate- a guy I lovingly call my little brother even though he is actually older than I am. Needless to say, I did not exactly trust Chris to lead me with a blindfold on, and I was relieved when the tables were turned and I got to lead him. It was fun walking backwards in front of him and snapping my fingers so that he could hear which direction to go- so much fun in fact that I decided to lead him around in circles in a nearby field while everyone else watched and laughed from a distance!

That afternoon we soaked up the sun while playing volleyball in the shallow pool, and had a cookout that night with the classic cafeteria-style soy hamburgers under the pavillion. There were several of the girls in my small group that went on the retreat so we enlisted Photo Joe to take pictures for us. As it turned out, we were wearing rainbow colored shirts so the pics came out great- I'll post those here whenever MA sends them b/c they were taken on her camera.

After another powerful session of praise & worship and a lesson on discipleship by Aaron, we engaged in a massive catch phrase tournament, and afterwards had a not-so-silent war about the volume level of the TV between those of us playing 90s Trivial Pursuit and those attempting to watch a movie. Can't we all just get along you might ask? No. No we cannot. Not when there are 65 people crammed into a small space and there's nowhere else to go. It was nothing dramatic, but I was definitely ready to be home sleeping in my own bed!

All in all, it was a great weekend away- great fellowship, lots of laugher, and it made me appreciate good food, good mattresses, and my own private bathroom!

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