Wednesday, August 09, 2006

If you can't laugh at yourself

... then laugh at someone else!

It has come to my attention as of late that my life is in this boring funk, and I don't have any humorous anecdotes of which to turn into funny blogs. Is it that my life has become one dull humdrum routine? Quite the contrary- life never seems to slow down, and my friends and I are constantly planning unique outings that make me glad to be in my 20s- drive in movies, after work happy hours, and concerts galore. But somehow these events come and go without me finding much to drag out into a verbose story of hilarity. So it's high time we laugh again here at the Divadomain, and if we can't laugh at my stupidity and circumstances, then we'll laugh at someone else's!

Anecdote #1... my aunt is hard of hearing, so lately she has gotten into the habit of watching movies with the closed captioning on, and just reading the subtitles instead of trying to strain to hear the dialogue. Last week my cousin had had all she could take, and she walked into the room where her mom (my aunt) was watching the movie. "Mom," she said, "why are you listening to that movie in Spanish?!" Apparently in turning on the english subtitles, my aunt had also accidentally set the dialogue to play in Espanol, and because she wasn't paying attention to the sound, she was hearing the movie in one language, and reading it in another!

Anecdote #2...I received an email from a good friend of mine this morning that was sent to her by a mutual good friend (the names of the guilty are being left out to protect their stupidity) "I just wanted to give you the word of the day," our friend wrote. "The word of the day is 'schmuck.' A 'schmuck' is someone who thinks that one of their best friend's birthdays is on August 22 instead of August 2."

Apparently, I got blamed for this friend missing the birthday because I didn't call to remind her. What's even funnier is that on the 2nd, I said to my friend, Has so-and-so called you today, because I forgot to call and remind her that it was your birthday. Apparently so-and-so did Not remember, and now we are all having a good chuckle at her expense. Not so much a guffaw or a ha ha, but a good chuckle nonetheless (hey, you take what you can get when you've got the summer blahs and nothing else is blogworthy enough to document!)

Who's story will wind up here next? No one is safe...

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Jenni said...

so, kudos to my makeup artist! i got your snapfish prints in the mail yesterday and took them into work. the picture of me at the church before the rehearsal in the black dress-my boss looked at it and said, "is that you!? you're beautiful!" to which i replied, "i clean up well don't i?" she was really embarrassed and apologized, saying that i'm always cute but i was particularly pretty in the picture (beyond the point of recognition apparently because another coworker looking through them later didn't know it was me either)