Friday, August 18, 2006

dmb, circa 2006

This year I swore it would be my last Dave Matthews concert. I’m going on 10 years of listening to their music, I’ve lost count of how many of his shows I’ve been to, and my interest in them is waning- or so I thought. Not so. While DMB may not be all over the radio anymore (when were they ever?), and are no longer the trendy “it” band that everyone is into (Coldplay has that honor now, I believe) It turns out that Dave Matthews just might be the Kiss, Greatful Dead, or Phish of my generation. We just can’t get enough DMB. He’s so much better live than his cds do him justice, and I know people who have seen way more of his shows than I have, and they continue to travel in droves to see him play the famous venues across America.

Lisa, Lana, Keeli, and myself hopped into Thomas the Avenger on Wednesday night and made our way out to Shady-och and the Starwood Ampitheater in just enough time to miss all of the opener (Pat Green- not mourning the loss on this one) but find a group of Lisa’s college friends in the top center of the hill, and claim our spot before the lights went down, and Dave entertained us for a few hours. Who knows what he said in his typical mumbling in between songs- we were too far back on the lawn to ascertain clearly. We were however, in a great spot to get a contact high from all of the weed being smoked in any direction you turned! There’s something great about the concert culture that allows people from all walks of life to become collective friends for a night as we share a passion for our band of choice. It helps too when there’s that UK connection that makes the bond even stronger! Example- we met a starwood parking attendant in the lot who was from Paducha, KY and a UK fan, one of Lisa’s friends was a UK fan from Mayfield, KY, and a guy from Lousiville that had been a Delt at UK offered us Doritos from his bag while we waited in a long line of traffic to get out of the concert venue!

Dave did not disappoint, doing an even blend of new, unreleased songs, old stuff, and songs from his latest album.

The Setlist:
Don't Drink the Water
Hunger for the Great Light
When the World Ends
The Idea Of You
You Might Die Trying
So Much To Say
Anyone Seen the Bridge?
Too Much
Where Are You Going
Dancing Nancies
Can't Stop
Louisiana Bayou
Ants Marching

And what outing would be complete without a Lana-ism? While attempting to do the sarah Scott W-O-W with her mouth and fingers, Lana accidentally spelled out V-O-V instead. Just a few fingers short. Wow... we only laughed at her a little.


Sarah said...

Hey, you don't look short at all in that picture.....

Also, lovin' the Lana-ism. Classic.

Anonymous said...

Nice. Good to have you doing concert reviews.

Shocking that someone had a bag of Doritos there.

Really, I'm surprised. No way I would've guessed that...


Anonymous said...

Hey... what happened to the post-retreat posting?


Well, I read it already, so I'm officially "in the know", I guess...