Sunday, August 27, 2006

Family Tradition

Another weekend well spent in Bucktown, aka Cannelton, IN- the town where my mom’s family still resides. We went up there to help celebrate my aunt Lisa and Uncle jerry’s 30th wedding anniversary. After a frustrating slow Friday at work, Laura and I took off up I-65 with Caramel Light frappucnos in hand and a random mix of cds and songs on our ipods for our listening enjoyment. Mom and dad didn’t come up until the next morning because they had to stay in Brentwood and cheer on the 2005 State Football champ Ravenwood Raptors on to a 36-35 loss to BA on Friday night for the school’s home opener. It was the first time in my 25 years that I have been at my grandparent’s house without either of my parents there with me.

After visiting with Papa for a while and watching baseball on TV with him, Laura and I drove up to one of the plethora of watering holes located in this tiny town and met Lisa & Jerry, and cousin Ryan and his girlfriend Robin. Let’s just say that people don’t go to this particular bar for their drinks. I sipped on a whiskey sour for most of the night that if I didn’t know better would swear was made with straight sour mix and no whiskey, and it took Laura 4 times before she got a drink she could manage to stomach (the first she sent back because it had a gnat floating in it, the next she sipped, but ordered a third drink before she was done with that one because it was made with sour mix instead of tonic water, the third drink was made with flat tonic water, and finally, on her 4th attempt at ordering a beverage, she got a vodka and 7-up that was pretty much impossible to screw up, but by this time we were all ready to go home.)

Saturday was the big party day, so Laura, Robin, and I spent the first part of our day decorating the American Legion building down by the river in Cannelton for that night’s town shindig. It really was a town affair as well over a hundred people showed up to celebrate with Lisa & Jerry, eat mass amounts of fried chicken, sing karaoke, and drink 4 kegs of beer (that were floated before 11pm) plus several more cases of iced down canned beer, As Lisa so aptly put it, in the middle of a classic family karaoke rendition of Hank Williams Jr.’s Family Tradition, “The family that drinks together stays together.” If that is true, then our family will be staying together for a Long time!

Humorous Anecdotes of the evening include, but are not limited to:

*an old high school friend of one of my uncles confessed to him that he is in the Louisville mafia, and that he should “let him know if he ever needed anything taken care of”

*A 20-year-old kid proposing to my sister because he found out that she could cook And clean. After telling her that he would work, she said, “yes, but will you work Hard?”

*”She’s not MY Vina, she’s not YOUR Vina, she’s ARvina!”

*Robin, Laura, & I singing Baby Got Back without the words on the screen due to a faulty karaoke cd

*Watching mom and uncle Michael do the chicken dance

*Mom & Aunt Missy’s rendition of Goodbye Earl, but changing the name to Goodbye Mike, since they’re both married to Mikes

*My cousin Chris jumping out from behind a tree in an attempt to scare his brother, but finding out quickly that it was his next-door neighbor that he had never before met… so Chris made pleasantries and ended up giving the neighbor the entire bag of leftover fried chicken.

(A quick shout-out to all the family members who fit into the Silent Lurker category of reading the blog but are never brave enough to post comments!)


Lisa Harris said...

Amanda, you summed up the event so well!! I had such a good time, I'm so grateful for the wonderful family members that I have! I hope we have many more fun times to come!! Aunt Lisa

Mike Huber said...

Thanks for the recap. I for one had too much draft beer and don't even remember doing the chicken dance....We definetely know how to throw a party. Looking forward to the next one, I might be feeling better by then!

Anonymous said...

lurker? i don't even knurk 'er. sorry. it had to happen.

Anonymous said...

What a good weekend if I do say so myself.

MamaB said...

The chicken dance---I couldn't even do the motions right because Kristina was laughing so hard at me that it made me laugh so hard that I kept messing up!! But my best moment was finally getting to sing "Pour some Sugar on Me"!! What a fun time and thanks to Lisa and Jerry and my nephews (their sons) for hosting this shindig!!!

Mary Anna said...

What about "Huber, I don't even know 'er!"