Wednesday, August 02, 2006

too bad it Wasn't Bryan Adams!

I'm sure many of you will get an eyefull on MA's blog about this, since she is the real Ryan Adams fan here, but tonight's show was just too crappy to let just one blog have the honor of trashing it. Maury, MA, and I went to the Ryman tonight to see Ryan Adams (yes, that's Ryan and not Bryan- not the same guy who sings Summer of 69- remember that- it's important later!). I sort of went as a last minute replacement for Mason who had to be out of town on business since I am a lover of music and like to find new artists. Ryan Adams isn't new by any stretch of the imagination, but he always seems to be flying under the radar so I decided it was time to check him out. For the past few weeks I have been listening to some of his stuff, trying to prepare myself for the concert. Tonight it was go-time.

First, the 3 of us met up after work and went to Blackstone Brewery for dinner. 2 out of our 3 meals were bad, and when I say bad, I do not mean that the food was just so-so, I mean that MA's pizza was inedible until she doctored it up with extra tomatoes, mozerella, and olive oil, and the only thing roasted in my roasted tomato soup was the campbells soup can on the stove before they poured it into a bowl and sat it on my table. No worries though- we were pumped to see Ryan Adams.

You may not know his stuff. If you like country music, you will recognize him as the songwriter for Tim McGraw's latest single, "Stars Go Blue," or you might recall one of Ryan's songs being on the Elizabethtown soundtrack- neither of which he played tonight. In fact, most everything he played was unrecognizable because there was so much ear-splitting gyuitar distortion going on that it made it difficult to appreciate any of the true moments of greatness in his music. As was apparent by the audience sing-along participation, the accoustic guitar-driven "Oh My Sweet Carolina" was his best song by far. As you'll see from MA's blog, Ryan pretty much has 3 distinct sounds- the moody, folky accoustic stuff, the americana country, and the heavy metal drug-induced rock.

I would not wish to presume that our rockstar was under the influence of any foreign substance, but seriously, I don't see how he could have put on white platform shoes if he were in his right mind, nor argue with audience members (who eventually got kicked out for a smart-alec request that Ryan play "Summer of 69!"), or go off in unintelligle conversations with himself about waffle house, yachts, or his nether regions smelling like an onion factory. It grosses me out just thinking about it. The singer throwing out the audience member was by far more entertaining than most anything he played, and I think everyone there was just waiting for the drama to unfold, since Ryan allegedly kicked someone out of the Ryman the last time he played there too!

I wish I could have finished this blog the other night after the show when I was so fired up about having sat (and stood) through such a disapointing show, but the internet was acting up. How in the heck does this guy get away with a crap set list like that and still sell out the Ryman? My friends tell me that this show was not a good representation of Ryan's best work, but my thought is, if he doesn't think any better of his other music, then why should I pay to take a chance and see him again? Overall, I'll stay away from all the heavy rock stuff and continue to listen to his accoustic and alt-country stuff, but I would never go see that pretentious Bryan-Adams-wannabe again!

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Mary Anna said...

In the words of a wise man, "True, true!"