Friday, August 04, 2006

Friday morning Funnies/ Calling All Shopaholics

Got a minute? Take a quick scan through this article- Hound dog mauls Elvis's teddy bear. It's worth a little ha ha through a little something I like to call situational irony.

Also, calling all Tennesseans- today marks the beginning of the tax-free weekend so get those pocketbooks ready to shop, shop, shop and buy stuff for no reason, simply just so you can "stick it to the man" and not have to pay tax on your purchases. A word of caution though: not everything is tax exempt. To help you out I've put together a succinct sample of a few items you may want to take advantage of, and others you might want to avoid since they will be taxable.

Tax exempt items you might want to grab while you're out this weekend:
*Aerobic clothing, Blackboard Chalk, Clerical Vestments, Corsets, Cowboy Boots, Earmuffs, Highlighters, Pajamas, Socks, Thongs, & Walking shoes (as opposed to shoes that you Wouldn't walk in??!)

Steer clear of the following- you WILL be taxed on these items:
*Belt Buckles, Briefcases, Clay, Cosmetics (BOOOOO!!), Swim Fins, Safety Goggles, Handbags (again, BOOOO!), Maps, Paint, Printer Supplies, Respirators, Shoulder Pads, Ski Boots, Tool belts, Welders' Gloves

For a complete list of taxable/exempt items click here. Who wants to go shopping this weekend??!! Have a Fantabulous Friday. Much love to you all.


emilyb said...

Oh, thank goodness cellophane tape is tax exempt!

Anonymous said...

darn, and i really needed a new belt buckle. not a belt, just a belt buckle.

Anonymous said...

But you are the you're sticking it to yourself

Mary Anna said...

Ok I just now read the article and I've been laughing out loud for the past five minutes. My favorite quote from the article:

As for Barney, "he's going to be retired to a farm where he can chase chickens," Medley said. "We've told the security company we don't want anything nasty to happen to Barney, but we don't want him back."