Wednesday, August 30, 2006

celebrity sighting

We all know I'm about as observant as a fishmonger- hmm- that reference doesn't quite work here does it? Well, okay- I'm not observant At ALL. While at UK I used to moan and gripe about how I'd never spot basketball players on campus. Other people would see them all the time and somehow I never would. Then one day while walking through the student center with a friend of mine she exclaimed, "hey, there went Jules Camara!" "Where?!" I hollared. "He just walked by us." The friend said. So I quickly spun around. How I managed to miss a 6'7" black guy in Blue UK warm-ups I'll never know!

All that to say, I think I am the only one who hasn't spotted Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban out and about in Nashville. It could very well be because I am oblivious and have missed a chance siting, however, last night the celebrity came to me. Are you ready for this? Eric Heatherly hit on me at Tootsie's. Not impressed? Yeah. Neither was I.

Here I was minding my own business, sitting next to Ari on a bar stool while Bart and his Devil Dogs laughed and reminisced, and Eric and his entourage of guys crowd up next to me at the bar. They are being obnoxious, and so when one of his friends yells to me, don't you know who that is? "That's Eric Heatherly- he had a number one hit!" My reply was, "yeah, I know who he is, and his one number one song was a remake of somebody else's song." Really, I'm not a total "Bench," but when a group of guys come over and invade my space and then expect me to be impressed with some B-list celebrity I'm not going to fall all over him! My favorite exchange with Eric was after he asked me where I was from. Nashville, I replied. "Well why are you sitting here like a tourist then?" Eyeing his long wavy hair, soul patch, necklace, and open collared print shirt, I replied without missing a beat, "well why do you look like you're on That 70's Show?" Soon thereafter I moved over to one of Bart's friends to get away from our wallflower while he pleaded with his eyes for me to rescue him from a creepy guy who looked suspciciously like a blond version of that guy in Happy Gilmore that wore the shirt Guns Don't Kill People. I Kill People. The kicker: Eric was drinking a Smirnoff Ice! What respectable guy drinks that?? (Ari had to point out to me what he was drinking- I never would have noticed a detail like this!)


Mary Anna said...

Is he even B list? I've never heard of the guy...

Also, lovin' the witty comebacks!

Jenni said...

That's just priceless. I am so glad you had your witty hat on to put him in his place. Now, if you happen across two tall blonde skinny people with expensive clothes and funny accents, think to yourself, "could that be Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman?" Being observant is just a matter of opening your eyes and KEEPING YOUR GLASSES ON!

Anonymous said...

and to add to the excitment, we had a great time laughing at the "jiggly-head man" with his catepillar eyebrows. you've never seen the song "i've got friends in low places" performed quite like jiggly-head did that night.

Anonymous said...

I have never heard of him either. I agree with Mary Anna. I definately would have noticed the Smirnoff Ice.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you're quick, well played.

Speaking of fishmongers.... I need some closure on the date-no-date scenario. Throw me a bone, here.

Nicely done.


Mark Kelly Hall said...

I think you mean "celebrity SLIGHTING!"

Two things women seem to complain about most:
1. Not getting asked out/approached.
2. Getting asked out/approached.
This is why guys don't spend as much energy as women do trying to understand the opposite sex...can't be done.

And in defense of all male musician-types from the Chattanooga area who have an affinity for 1970's pop culture (ahem!)....methinks she doth protest too much.

Mark said...

THAT is AWESOME! :) And why have I never heard this story??? That's just perfect! :)