Thursday, April 21, 2011

Worship Wednesdays

Yes, I realize I'm posting this on Thursday night.  I'm a day late.  So sue me!

Since it's Easter week, today's focus on worship will involve a really cool Easter cookie recipe that I heard about from a friend last year. They're called Annie's Resurrection Cookies, and you can download the recipe here. The idea is that you make them with your kids, while you tell the story of Jesus' resurrection, and then enjoy the cookies on Easter Sunday, after the cookies have magically "risen" overnight, and are hollow inside to represent the empty tomb!
Now I can't attest to the taste of these cookies (one of the ingredients is vinegar, after all) but the meaning behind them is amazing. The recipe also gives you several scripture verses to read with your kids while you make the cookies, but I will likely skip this part with Bradley this year as it's too detailed for him, and focus on simply telling the story of Jesus instead.
Hey Readers:  Let me know if you have made these cookies, or end up making them this year!


Erin said...

We made them last year - Jay used them in a children's sermon illustration. They did work - don't taste all that great - but certainly serve their purpose in teaching the Easter story. This year, I am going to make "Resurrection Buns" with Elijah Brooks. I found a great recipe for them, and they are very similar as far as their meaning, but they are bisquits rolled in cinnamon and sugar (with an empty center)!
I hope Bradley enjoys this Easter!

Amanda Bradley said...

Maybe we didn't mix them long enough... maybe it had something to do with the water Bradley poured in the mixture... or maybe it was just bad luck- but our cookies didn't rise! They were a sticky mess this morning, and so the message of the empty tomb and risen savior was a little lost at 6:15 this morning.

We'll try again next year!

Erin- how did the buns work out?

Erin said...

So sorry the cookies didn't work this morning. I know that's disappointing. It is a strange recipe for sure. Good news though - the Ressurection Buns were perfect, and perfect for a 2 year old! I was alittle nervous last night that maybe they wouldn't work, but was pleasantly surprised this morning when the "tomb was empty"! They were so much easier to make than the cookies, and tasted a whole lot better. I think I will make this an Easter family tradition. I hope you did have a blessed Easter nonetheless :)