Sunday, April 17, 2011

How going out in your 20's differs from going out in your 30's

After the girls night out on the town this weekend for Mary Anna's birthday, it has given me reason to pause and think about how different a night out can be for the twinkies versus the thinkies.  Allow me to draw some comparison and contrasting thoughts.

In your 20's, you go out to meet men.  In your 30's, you have learned, probably the hard way, that a bar is so not the place to meet a man.  Instead you go out with your friends with the intent of actually talking to your friends (novel idea, huh?)

In your 20's you close down the bars without a second thought.  In your 30's anything past midnight is pushing it.

In your 20's you crawl in bed at any and all hours of the night with full makeup on, too tired to wash your face.  (College Roommate Stephanie will attest that I ruined her white pillowcases with mascara stains on more than one occasion.)  In your 30's, you are anal about skincare, and would never, ever go to bed without washing and moisturizing your face.

Broadway Brewhouse is a great twenty-somethings bar- it's loud, it's crowded, it's smoky.  You will wait forever for a drink from the bar, but that's okay because it gives you plenty of time to scope out the frat boys while you wait.  Of course you won't be talking to your friends because it's too dang loud in there.

Tavern was perfect for the older age group.  Groups happily chatted with their own tablemates.  The lighting was low, and the food & drink menu was quite respectable, because, you know, this generation comes out and enjoys a nice dinner.  If you want bar food, Tin Roof will suffice, but if you want a good meal And a good time, Tavern is it.  They had this smores dessert that we kept seeing that was all flambe and whatnot, and smelled delicious.  We had our cupcakes waiting on us, so we didn't try it this trip.  They played Radiohead.

Let's face it.  The 20's are about going out and getting drunk.  The novelty of drinking in a bar is so new you drink whatever drink has the most liquor in it, just for the heck of it.  By the time you've reached 30, you know what you like, and you can enjoy it in moderation.

In your 20's you wear makeup to cover up your acne.  The dark smoky eyes detract from the acne.  In your 30's you wear makeup to cover up your wrinkles.  The dark smoky eyes detract from your wrinkles.

You haphazardly go out in your 20's and figure out the driving situation once you're out.  In your 30's you are responsible and plan ahead.

In your 20's you pre-party with jello shots, and drink from plastic cups.  In your 30's you sip wine, from real wine glasses.

In your 20's you comment on your friends MySpace account about the evening of debauchery.  Now Facebook is the grown-up classy way for the 30's to casually mention their fun night out.

The 20's- You wake up with a headache from too much to drink.  The 30's- you wake up with a headache from too little sleep.

For the 20's and the 30's, the headache is worth the good times had the night before... guess some things never change!

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