Saturday, April 16, 2011

More birthdays

Dad celebrated his 59th birthday this week.  We went to Uncle Buds for dinner, and then came home for banana pudding and presents. 

Dad proudly displays his Final Four t-shirt
 My ghetto wrapping job.... it was a big present, and I didn't have enough of one kind of wrapping paper.
 Bradley's homemade stepping stone.  This gift is appropriate because he flips over the stones outside in the backyard to look for bugs.
 Dad's new toy- a new blower
 Dad and his kids
 Mom and dad- notice the banana pudding stain on his shirt!  (I really like this picture of them)
 Oscar cheers for his Sox.
Now the birthday week is over.  Happy birthday mom & dad.  Next on the birthday review:  Queen MAB.

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