Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mama B's B-day

Yesterday mom celebrated her 58th birthday.  I can be honest about her age because she isn't vain enough to care about a sily number.  Her eldest daugher however, remains 21 and in college.  (Riiiight...)

Bradley and I made her cupcakes with Pooh Bear sprinkles.  I think Bradley ate as many sprinkles as went on the cupcakes, but he enjoyed the "pupcake" project.

 Bradley also enjoyed helping Grandma open her presents!  This one is the one from him:
 Two wooden magnets that Bradley painted to put on Grandma's refridgerator.
 Bradley & Aunt Laura
 Birthday girl and grandson
 Dad shared this on Facebook, but it's hard to believe he has celebrated every birthday with mom, save the first 13!  They are truly an inspiration to me about the example they have set about what it takes to be in committed marriage.
 Mom and her girls
 Tim & Sandy joined us for dinner at Macaroni Grill.  Bradley loves his "Ya ya"
 Whoa- is that cake on fire?  No, it's just got 58 candles on it!
Happy birthday, Mama B!

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