Sunday, April 24, 2011

Putting all his eggs into one basket

I loved something Mike said in his sermon this morning- the message of Easter is not 'Hang on, God's coming,' it's 'Let go, He's here!'  I hope each of you has had a happy and blessed Easter.  We have had such a good weekend.  Bradley doesn't quite grasp what Easter's all about, but at least if you ask him what Easter is about, he will answer "God's son."  Someday that will sink in.  Until it does, he enjoyed all of the different Easter egg hunts he got to do.

Thursday was Bradley's Easter party at daycare.  I smashed little boxes of Nerds to fill Easter eggs for his classmates.  My gripe with the candy companies is that they know that nowadays, you must put individually wrapped candy into Easter eggs, and yet pretty much the only candy you can find that fits that description is chocolate- chocolate candy that melts.  So I purchased little boxes of Nerds thinking they would be the perfect size.  Instead I smashed all four corners of the boxes and made them fit into the eggs!

Saturday was the neighborhood egg hunt.  B had his Easter basket ready. 

On your mark, get set, go!
An action shot, finding eggs.   Please notice how hardcore mom is about finding Easter eggs.  She stopped short of pushing the other kids out of the way.
 I was worried he would want to stop and open his eggs as he went, but this was not the case- he was happy to find the eggs, and worry about the candy later.
 The Golden Egg, right before Bradley found it.  Papa *may" have spotted it first and pointed Bradley in the right direction.
 Me & Bradley, with his prize Golden Egg
 The cool Easter basket prize he won
The weather was perfect, and I am so glad B is old enough this year to participate in fun neighborhood activities like this.  We went home and promptly opened several pieces of candy.  I might have shared some of it with B...

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