Wednesday, March 14, 2007

2 cars in 2 days

When last we left our heroine, she was losing sleep over the fact that she technically owned 2 cars. Enter Tuesday morning, when Amanda drives to work in her first new car, awaiting the afternoon when she can drop it off and pick up her second new car!

I am a little more focused at work today, although there is one tiny thing she is worried about- her expired registration. Part of the money that was taken off the price of the new G6 is hingent upon them getting a copy of my old registration. What if they don't accept it because it's from 2006? But I can't worry about that right now.

First things first- calling the girl at Driver's Way who sold me the white car. Yes, it was cool that I purchased my car from a girl, but I could hear her deflate over the phone when I called her that day. Hey, it's Amanda Bradley, I said to her. Heyy, how are you? Good I said, but I don't have good news for you. I explained to her that it was a great car, but just not the car from me, and that I had bought something else already. I felt awful for having to do that, but there was nothing to be done at this point. All I could do was cross my fingers that returning this vehicle and aquiring the other would go smoothly, and that I wouldn't somehow be without any car again!

That afternoon I cleaned everything out of the white car, and brought in all the paperwork into Driver's Way. Conveniently, the girl was at lunch, so another guy who had obviously been prepped on the situation handled all the paperwork for me. I sat and waited nervously inside while he made sure everything checked out. It did. Now all I had to do was drive to the other dealership and get my new car! Since all the paperwork had been done the afternoon before, I was given the keys immediately, and I knew I had made the right decision as a smile spread across my face and I showed off "my" new car to my mom who had driven me over. Trey showed me all the nifty features on my car and helped me get everything settled before I drove off in my real, new car, the one that I was certain I loved and couldn't wait to show off.

I still haven't taken any pictures yet, but will try and get that taken care of soon. Now it's time to play name that car. Thomas was such an original, and I feel pangs of guilt when I drive by my club house and see him sitting there, knowing he will never be driven again!


Mary Anna said...

I'm not a Kentucky fan, so I don't know all of the ins and outs of Wildcat tradition, but surely you can find some correlation between your KY blue car and your fav team.

Mark Kelly Hall said...

"Hingent"? I found it in the "Un-word" online dictionary, which means someone made it up recently. I guess "contingent" was just too many syllables. Slackers!

When you were breaking the bad news to the unfortunate car salesperson, did you also used the phrase "it's not you, it's me"?

Happy new car. I can say that because I'm fond of you. Otherwise I'd be seething with bitter envy. But I'm thankful for my paid-for '98 Sunfire (which is not as bad a car as you might have heard).

I negotiated my first car purchase by myself, with a very old man from my church. I paid $850 cash for a '78 Honda. I called it a "semi-automatic" because you started out in first gear, then as you got going you switched manually (sans clutch) to the regular Drive gear. It didn't have much get up & go, and wasn't new or stylish, and following in the example of a co-worker naming her car, I called mine Patience (it took a lot to get anywhere).

As I said, happy new car.

Anonymous said...

I already told you, call it sixpack.

MamaB said...

And what a pretty blue car it is--even a prettier blue than my little bug "Mikey". I knew when we drove into the dealership and I saw it sitting there and that is said "this is amanda's new car"!! And I agree with Mary Anna, the name has to be something "kentucky"--its just too kentucky-of-a-blue NOT to be.

Anonymous said...

it is decided. the car's name is Warren. As in Warren G..6.

ellen said...

How about Jeff for your new car...Jeff Sheppard ;)