Wednesday, March 07, 2007

as Lil' Jon says, ATL... don't disrespect it

Spring is here!!! Over the weekend I looked out the car window, amazed at all the bundles of daphodils blooming in people's yards, and yesterday upon leaving work, I noticed for the first time this year that the trees lining Cool Springs Blvd. have pink buds all over them. Today the high in Fabulous Nashvegas is a pleasant 70 degrees, so in honor of the warm weather, I busted out my new dress. A coworker was complimenting me on the garment this morning and asked where I got it.
The A-T-L.
I replied without missing a beat. She gave me a quizzical look.
Not Atlanta, I added, Anne Taylor Loft... that's how I roll.
I responded as several people nearby laughed. I am quite pleased with the retro-looking dress, and am looking forward to eating my lunch outdoors today!


MamaB said...

You are really hurrying up this spring weather aren't you??? I am ready for it too, but not enough to eat lunch outside!!!

Mary Anna said...

Hi-larious. You so witty!

Heather said...

ok... today it made it up to a pleasantly warm 37 degrees- melting the 2 inches of snow we received yesterday... just go ahead Amanda... rub it in. Spring is springing for you and winter is lingering for me. Bah!