Friday, March 30, 2007

a trip down aria lane

HMS Pinafore is well under way, and so far so good. Last night was our first night back after a break, and I could tell my own energy was lacking. A lot of little factors contributed to a not-so-stellar performance on my part. I didn't get a chance to really warm up my voice. I also didn't eat dinner, so I ate an apple backstage before my first entrance which is a little ways into the first act. At one point during my first song, I felt something fly out of my mouth and onto my lip- I quickly pressed my lips together to remove the foreign particle and realized in horror that a piece of apple had just shot out of my mouth. Hopefully, none of the auidence members caught this.

Seconds later, as I turned to go up stage and onto the platform, still while I am singing mind you, I was still so flustered at the apple incident that I didn't pull my dress up enough as I climbed the step, and I stepped on my dress, tripping myself! The chain reaction continued as I was so distracted at the fact that I had just stumbled, I took the first ending twice, changing the end of my aria completely. Then, as if that weren't enough, I tripped again on my dress a few minutes later as I was leaving the stage after my scene with the Captain! Grrr!

True, it could have been a much worse performance, because nothing disastrous happened, but I was disapointed in myself. Hopefully tonight will go more smoothly!


Anonymous said...

you were absolutely wonderful and completely stole the show! i wanted to tell people, "i know her!" but i was afraid they wouldn't believe me. plus, no worries about the apple, tripping or anything. everyone was much too concerned with your boisterous sailor boy and your um...father.

MamaB said...

Boisterous sailor boy--what a great description Ari...sort of reminds me of that boisterous sailor boy she brought home one time!!!!!! Anyway---I am glad you had all your mishaps in ONE performance--the rest will be smooth as silk!! Love you and thanks for cheering me up as Mama B really needed cheering up today.

Jenni said...

I wish I could see your performance GB! I am spending this weekend working and tonight we're going out for Andy's birthday. I hope you can keep up with March Madness's your bracket doing? Love you!

Mary Anna said...

If I remember correctly, there was also a cheetos-gone-awry incident during Penzance about a year ago. Am I making this up?

Mary Anna said...


Please reference Tuesday, April 5, 2005 in the Diva Domain archives, titled "A funny thing happened on the way to the stage..."

Indeed there is more than just one cheesey-pouf instance. Your memory serves you correctly, in that you did leave the cheesey-poufs in my car in the van-related chaos last year. However, the cheesey-pouf instance I'm referring to also involved acting and eating and residual food. See your archives, madam.


Amanda said...

haha- I had totally forgotten about that! I do get myself into trouble eating backstage don't I? You'd think I learned my lesson wouldn't you? Or perhaps it's the cheesy poufs which are corruped, causing all to stumble who partake in their crunchy goodness.