Sunday, March 19, 2006

is it Monday yet?

You know how some weekends are spectacularly fun, and it makes Monday morning such a drag? Well this weekend has been the total opposite! Not be a real downer or anything, cause nothing terrible happened- well- Kentucky lost today- so that always depresses me and forces me to pull out the Radiohead and Coldplay so I can wallow in my own state of melancholy- but the cold weather and cloudy skies did a number on my motivation for the weekend!

Let's see- Sephora is now open in Nashville, which on any other sunny day would be worth a blog post in it of itself, but today it seems like old news! I love my new makeup. Buyer's remorse has set in slightly, but everything I bought was what I felt like to be good purchases, and I have actually had several compliments on my makeup the past few days- yes, without me having to pull them out of anyone- they were all freely given- so that makes me feel better about my girly obsession with cosmetics. Before too long I may have to devote another entire dresser drawer for the overflow of makeup that won't fit into all my neat compartments in the one drawer I have now!

Lunch at Jackson's gave me the punniest opportunity of a lifetime, so I have to brag because I actually am quite proud of myself! The 6 of us- Mandy, MA, Em, Lana, Scottie, and myself split 2 deserts after devouring our lunches, and one of the deserts came with a shaker filled with chilled milk. As Lana poured herself some from the shaker into the top, some milk dripped through the wrought-iron patio table and onto her jeans. And as the story goes, Lana let out a loud exasperated whine, to which I immediately retorted, "well don't cry over it." :o)

St. Patty's Day plans fell through- the ecclectic group of people where not everyone knew everyone did little to make the night as much fun as I had built it up to be- we ended up not able to go to the Greenhouse- long story- so we bar hopped from Jackson's to Cabana (and I sang the barry manilow song all day yesterday because of it) to On the Rocks to the Tin Roof. Biggest bummer of the night- none of these places had Green Beer. I'm thinking about having a party soon and we'll make our own green beer with food coloring- who's in? Here is the one picture I have of the entire evening- me, Amy, Mary Anna, Mandy, & Rhonda Lu in our green.

Getting very little sleep that night- thanks to late night trips to the Brentwood Waff and long talks with friends, I was a total slug yesterday and carrying over to today! It's this darned weather I tell you! I had planned to go over to the BBC game night thing at 4 oclock but after Kentucky losing and my class at church at 6, it's not even worth getting out anymore I don't think.

I do love March madness though, and have filled up my weekend with nothing but basketball. My brackets aren't as accurate as I'd like them to be, but luckily for me, I think all of the teams I chose to make it to the final four are still in it so far. I am just ready for a new week- a new beginning, and for this funky anti-social mood I'm in to pass quickly!


Anonymous said...

sweetie, i'll even drink pink beer with you, if it'll help!

Sarah said...

I didn't get green beer either! :( Let's definitely have a colored beverage night soon. I heart you big time.

Mary Anna said...

I had fun with you at Sephora, even though Cabana was a bit of a bust!

ellen said...

I know how you feel Amanda...hopefully spring will soon be here and we can get rid of these cold, cloudy days...and march madness is never the same after kentucky loses...I hope your week gets better! :)