Friday, March 24, 2006

Boo Hoo for the Devils in Blue

Ask any True-Blue Kentucky fan- what's almost as good as Kentucky winning? And they'll tell you: Duke Losing.

The SEC dominated the ACC last night as Glen "Big Baby" Davis and his LSU Tigers triumphed over the duke bluedevils to move on to the Elite 8. No need for the Big Baby to cry- Sheldon and JJ did enough of that for everyone!

My phone rang off the hook after the game was over and likewise I speed-dialed (sped-dialed?) many fellow Wildcats to revel in the rival's losing! Sorry to be such a sore loser, but after Kentucky's early departure from the tournament (which seems to be happening more and more often these days, a girl's gotta have something to cheer for throughout the Madness!


Sarah said...

You speak the truth, friend.

Anonymous said...

we've got to get our jollies in whenever we can. isn't "jollies" just a great word?

daddy b said...

I find it apalling that anyone should find joy in someone else's
misfortune. Every team plays just as hard to win and every team feels the pain when they don't succeed. Oh,but you're talkin about Duke..... never mind.

ellen said...

I agree, nothing is sweeter than seeing Duke go down in defeat! Poor Redick, Williams, Dockery, and Coach K... :)

MamaB said...

There's no crying in basketball--no wait, that's it was definitely OK to see those little duke boys cry, cry, cry!!