Sunday, March 05, 2006

I'm Just sayin (an Oscar commentary)

Wow. What. An Oscar ceremony.

Was it me or were this year's awards like taking a trip to Dullsville? With the exception of Jennifer Garner tripping while on her way to the podium to present an award, and Lilly Tomlin & Meryl Streep's slap-stick commedy intro, the show was uneventful and just went from video montage to montage. Even Jon Stewart commented on the over-abundance of the clips. And I'm still waiting on his crack on JG's near-spill.

Here are my other observations on the 78th anual Academy Awards:
* the year for the ugly dress. Take your pick between Charlize Theron, Michelle Williams, Naomi Watts, & many more

* the year for the homosexual. With TransAmerica, Capote, and Brokeback Mountain all up for major awards, it seems Hollywood is reminding us just How liberal they are.

* the year for the boring songs- who was up for this? Who really cares? In the words of Jon Stewart, Just for the record, Martin Scorcese: Zero Oscars. Three-Six Mafia: One.

* The year for the films that nobody saw. Even myself, an avid film fan saw very few of the frontrunning films up for awards. Meanwhile the films that the general public really enjoyed and talked about were nowhere to be found. I guess this is why the show has been so boring to watch tonight. And yet here I sit, still glued to the tv just so I can throw up my hands in exasperation when Brokeback Mountain finally wins.

Hmm.... I stand corrected. Crash wins. Not my favorite of the year, but I think the general public will be appeased by this choice over the hyped BBM.

And finally, there's always a Nashville connection: Congrats to native Nashvillian Reese Witherspoon on her best actress Oscar!

(PS- hers was one of the few dresses that I loved. She looked absolutely gorgeous.) (As did Uma Thurman and Jennifer Anniston. I'm Just sayin.)


Anonymous said...

Today on Good Morning America, their guest 'style experts' voted Charlize Theron and Michelle Williams as BEST DRESSED! Just thought you would find that interesting, since they are worst on your list...... LANA

Mark Kelly Hall said...

I have no complaints about the Oscars. I was completely satisfied with the show, and all my expectations were fulfilled.

Mainly because I didn't care, and didn't watch. Life can sometimes be amazingly simple.

However I will say that a person would have to exert a great amount of effort to make Charlize Theron look bad.

Mary Anna said...

Interesting how our opinions are the same, yet oh-so-different...

emilyb said...

Well, you won't be surprised to hear that I slept through a good chunk of the Oscars last night. My top 3 moments:
1) Chicken Little's presentation
2) Martin Scorcese - 0, Three Six Mafia - 1
3) Reese's win

Kobosky262 said...

So, I totally missed it. Thank you so much for the update and at lest now I felt like I was there. You are awesome sister.