Saturday, March 11, 2006

Feeling a little Blue

Keep your friends close...

And your enemies closer!

My friend Ellen is making her debut here on the Divadomain. She was my luck-of-the-draw freshman college roommate, and yes, she has lived to tell the tale!! Our weekend was full of basketball- the madness has officially begun. In reference to my fantatic following of the basketball tournament scores, a co-worker said to me the other day, "are you going to be like this for the entire month of March?" "Yes," I said. "Yes I am."

Ellen & I started our Saturday with breakfast at the Puffy Muffin where we spotted Tina Tuner and Shaka Kahn look-alikes. Ellen got to meet Mary Anna, Emmy Sue, and Rhonda Lu, and we amazed her with our smattering of movie quotes and hip-hip lyrics thrown into our speech. These references sometimes morph into new jokes and quotes, as happened this morning. Mary Anna looked longingly at a family and whined, "I want a family unit" which of course prompted a 50-cent inspired, "G-Unit," and then became "F-unit," which quickly turned into a PG-13 insult: "Ef Unit!"

Fellow UK fan Shawn met Ellen and me downtown after the girls' breakfast and we 3 bought tickets on the street to watch Kentucky take on South Carolina today in the SEC tournament (held at the Gaylord Focker Entertainment Center- yet another joke that has morphed over time!) I was super excited because we only paid face-value for the tickets, got to see 2 SEC tournament games, AND this was the first game I've gotten to see my beloved Wildcats play this entiire season in person. I wish I could say I had happy news and a victory to brag about, but I've learned to hold my tongue this season and not talk any trash, lest it come back to bite me in the rear. At least we UK alums had a good time- the entire arena was blue, and we were surrounded by UK fans.

After a low-key game night, it is time to drift off to sleep, but never fear for March Madness is here.


Mary Anna said...

I (heart) Ellen. Ellen, if you're reading, you a) need to post comments, b) need to come visit us again soon!

ellen said...

Thanks for a great weekend in Nashvegas, Amanda. I enjoyed meeting everybody that I've come to know through the blog.
I'm on the look out for the Planters cheese puffs in a can now!
P.S. Mary Anna, the Sanrio at Cool Springs is closed...

Amanda said...

yeah, no joke- we took the elevator up to the second floor in the mall only to find a) a line outside of stride rite shoes with all these parents and strollers and, b) a darkened Sanrio Surprises! I felt so bad!! When did this store close??