Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Saturday was one of those perfect days- the sun was shining, I had a fabulous day of shopping with Mary Anna- I even learned a little bit about bling-bling, since I am jewelry illiterate (I still maintain that jewelry is a necessary fashion evil. Like high heels). Saturday night a group of us met up at the Penthouse for a pizza-making party, then we killed some time looking at Stewart and American Idol clips on YouTube before heading downtown.

PS- I can't wait to see the guys sing tonight- after watching Ace's "Father Figure" I am ready to see him sing again and hopefully be wooed into maybe voting for him!

We hadn't been downtown in a while and I had my new pink hat to wear so I was all about me some Toosie's and The Stage! My funny story for the night- a girl at Tootsie's got my attention and wanted to know where my cowboy hat came from- Cracker Barrel, I told her. She gives me this blank stare and says, what is that? Is that a store around here? My jaw nearly hit the floor. My immediate
response, over the loud music, mind you, was "Cracker Barrel?? It's a resteraunt!" And then I turned around to my girls and started to laugh. How do you explain to an out-of-towner that there are Cracker Barrells every 10 exits on any southern interstate? That it's some some specialized tourist store on 2nd ave?

We gals had a good time, and I've decided that wearing a cowboy hat is a Great way to get people to talk to you! Even the singer at Tootsies tipped his hat to me as we made eye contact while he was singing. The question is, will this work if I wear one all the time or is it just a novelty item? :o)


Mark Kelly Hall said...

I was at Cracker Barrell and was explaining to the new-in-town waitress that "okra" is often pronounced "okry," like the Opry is a regionalism (or whatever) of "opera." And she said "Opry? Oh, I've heard of that!" CB is a major Opry sponsor; guess it takes awhile for the info to trickle down to the drones.

And good-lookin' women in cowboy hats will be a draw for some people at all times and places, regardless of color.

Anonymous said...

Oh, it'll work.

It'll definitely work.

For both of you. No doubt.