Sunday, January 30, 2011

You've got a friend in B

Holy Moly, where has the first month of 2011 gone?  The start of this year was marked with a new beginning for me, a lot of snow, Bradley's first school performance, George's birthday, uncle Jack's passing, and another trip to ER... all in one month!  Craziness. 

This month's blog title, You've Got a Friend in B, is of course a reference to the Toy Story song, which Bradley is still obsessed with the Toy Story movies (currently TS3), plus it's a play on all the pictures taken this month of various family members with Bradley.

Bradley and some crazy early morning bedhead
 Bradley & Papa
 Waiting for the daycare music program to start
 Bradley & aunt "Yaura."  The 'L's' aren't quite coming out clear just yet
Bradley & uncle George, in their matching shirts
 Me & Bradley in our matching homemade jammies from Mom.  Right here, B is pretending to be Woody, and I'm supposed to be Bullseye!
Pretty much the only toys Bradley will play with:  Buzz & Woody 

Reading with Grandma B
 Bradley with aunt Vicki & uncle Rusell
B in his Buzz Lightyear raincoat.  Can you tell that he loves when it rains and he gets to wear this jacket???

So long, January!
*As of January 31, 2011, make that 2 cases of strep throat during the month of January*

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Rhonda said...

love all these pics! Gosh he's so big & so darn cute!