Monday, January 31, 2011

Gaga for Gaga

What can I say?  My taste in music is bound to rub off on Bradley.  For the past 3 weeks, whenever we get in the car, he hollers for "Barnes!"  Aparently, B loves the first track on Dave Barnes' newest cd, "Little Lies," and asks for it by name.  I am also in the process of explaining that "Barnes" has more than just one song, and that all the other songs on the cd are also by Dave Barnes, when he hollers after track #1 has ended.

Bradley's also grown up listening to the Glee soundtracks, and has taken a strong liking to the Glee cast version of "Bad Romance."  (In fact, he asks for this song by name after he's gotten his Barnes fix.)  And this little gem of a video was taken while waiting in traffic on the exit ramp on our way to church last Sunday. 


MamaB said...

He's a chip off the ole block--but I think he likes to sing more than you do!!!!

Rachel said...

Hilarious! Mason LOVES Lady Gaga too and asked for her by name. We need to get the boys together and have Gaga dance party. :)