Sunday, January 09, 2011

Catching up with Christmas, part 1

I got so behind in blogging before and during Christmas, that I'm trying to go back now and post a few short updates with pictures.  In the week leading up to Christmas, Laura & George came over one Sunday afternoon and we finally celebrated a belated St. Nick's Day with them.  One of the gifts Laura got from St. Nick was a "Christmas Ween," pictured below with the other two Murdoch weenies, Julius and Max.
While the guys watched football, mom, Laura, and I spent the day baking in the kitchen.  We made all sorts of Christmas cookies that we ended up eating in mass quantities or giving away to neighbors and co-workers. 

Bradley helped out with the sugar cookies.  I was expecting this to be an entertaining experience for him.  Instead it turned out more of an obligation for a photo op, as he didn't have the want or the patience to cut out the cookies or even to decorate them.  So maybe next year he will have more fun with this.  Also, Bradley was fighting a nasty cold and he didn't feel well, so that explains why he looks so sickly in all of these pictures!

I was quite pleased with my cookie tray that I took in to work: 

A goofy shot of me, George, and Laura in our Santa hats
Dad and Stockwell catching a cat nap.  Somebody should really tell Stockwell that he weighs sixty-something pounds and is not a lap dog!
We got too busy on Christmas day to get another picture of us all in front of the tree, so this serves as our Christmas photo of the year. 
And of course we had to get one shot with all of us!
Merry Christmas from the Bradley-Vilendrer-Murdochs!

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