Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day

I awoke this morning to a winter wonderland, and was in shock that for once, the weathermen got it right!  Nashville got 3", we had 4" in Franklin, and Laura & George got 5".  Since southerners and snow do not mix, I decided to wait out the rush hour, and go play in the snow for a while instead. 

Bradley watched in fascination as Papa cleaned the snow off the cars and shoveled the driveway.  He's wearing his new Buzz Lightyear housecoat that was a homemade Christmas present from Grandma B.

B and I, getting ready to go outside
Chateau Bradley with 4 inches of snow

Bradley's first-ever sled ride

Sledding down the hill after a big push from Papa. "It's not scary," Bradley kept repeating,
Bradley and I in our first big snow together
I tried to sled down the hill on our street, but there was too much powdery snow, and not packed down enough yet. I don't think I've been sledding since that random evening in college where a guy went down the William T. Young library hill naked and on skis, so this made me feel like a kid again for two seconds, until I remembered that I am an adult, and would eventually have to go in to work today. Boo.
Oscar, the wonder sleigh dog!

I did eventually end up going to work, but enjoyed delaying it for a while by enjoying the rare winter wonderland. 

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