Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Shoe Stories

My uncle Jack was married to my aunt Peggy for almost 50 years before his passing last week.  He was hard of hearing, and so he talked abnormally loud, and if you were ever around Jack, you know he was always talking, and always telling a story!  He was such an animated and gifted storyteller.  He was also a gifted salesmen, and made his living selling shoes. 

Right around the time I started high school, those awful Birkenstock moccasins had come in style, and so one summer during a visit with Peggy and Jack, we went to the mall, to the Parisians where Jack worked at the time, and he was able to get Laura and I each a pair of those Birkenstocks for a great discounted price.  Up til now, I had a knock-off pair of the Birkenstock "Jesus sandals" that had been popular, but now I was the proud owner of these new Birkenstock moccasins.  I wore these shoes out!  My good friend Bethany and I even had an inside joke where we referred to our moccasins as "Mat Hollis' shoes."  These shoes absolutely define my high school years.

With uncle Jack's passing, it made me think about shoes, and how a particular style can mark an era in your life.  For me, these would be:
  • Jellies (which I wore out playing in the backyard during my young Tennessee summers)
  • Keds (reminiscent of my years at Lakeview Elementary)
  • Mary Janes (Oh, the awkward middle school Cameron years!)
  • The Birkenstock moccasins (high school)
  • New Balance tennis shoes (the college years... On, On, U of K!)
  • Clark's Wallabies (My casual twenties)
I would love to hear from you readers about your own significant shoe-style-eras!  I believe a pair of shoes can embody so many memories, and say so much about a person.  Ready, set, Go!


Kim and Josh said...

Sadly, I still wear my Berks every now and again... they have no tread on the sole, but I can't seem to give them up. For me it would also be jellies, then Reebok High Tops, then Keds, Doc Martens, then Berks. College would still be Berkenstocks for me, followed by flip-flops (Reefs mostly) through my twenties spent in Florida. These days I'm much more into tall boots of any kind... it truly is amazing how long you own a pair of shoes!

Anna W. said...

-black and white patent leather shoes without the shoe strings and no socks were worn during the summer (i was stylin' for sure).

-knock off Birks during middle school

-old navy flip flops during the hot months of my junior year of high school through sophomore year of college

-pink converse shoes junior and senior year of HS

-Chacos, Sperry's and Toms are what I choose between now!

Anna W. said...

ok, so the patent leather shoes were worn when i was like, six. i didn't specify :D

MamaB said...

I got a pair of Berks on that trip to Parisian with Jack as well and I still wear mine!!
$hitkickers were always my favorite shoes in high school since I wore them as a cheerleader and since I was a cheerleader for so many years, I wore them a lot.
Clarks, Merrells...anything that is comfortable are the type of shoe I like now--don't care anything about style--just COMFORT!