Thursday, May 07, 2009

This one goes to Eleven

Eleven months, that is! (Thanks to sister-in-law Sarah for the idea for the Spinal Tap reference!)

Every month I get nostalgic when the 7th rolls around, and every time I say I wish I could freeze him at this age. But really, this time- I can honestly say I have enjoyed this 10th month more than any so far. It's been full of milestones, and our little guy has so much personality now, yet he's still consistantly taking 2 naps a day, and leads a predictable schedule, which makes mommy happy!

Bradley's 10th month began with his biggest milestone yet- crawling! But aside from that, he can wave bye-bye now, clap his hands, boogie, and he's sleeping and eating so much better. He's trying new foods but still prefers his "baby crack" aka Gerber Puffs and lights up when he sees the canister. He's not too sure about the ocean and sand yet, but loves putting the salty seashells in his mouth. Actually, he's still at that age where he loves to put everything in his mouth. (That's what she said.) He stood on his own last week, and is cruising around, walking holding onto the furniture now like a champ. When I read to him, Bradley helps me by turning the pages which is so cute, and he has worn out his musical Fischer Price learn and play table so much that the speaker is blown on it! (Or that could be because he spit up directly on the speaker one day.) Yes, the little man is still spitting up, but just like not sleeping all the way through the night, it's a term I've come to accept. He lets me put saline drops in his nose nightly and that's something most kids scream over, so I think it's an even trade.

We haven't had any doctor appointments since his 9-month checkup, and won't go again until his 12 month checkup (holy crap, I'm about to have a one-year-old!) so I have no idea what the chunky monkey weighs except to say" heavy!

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Hope you have a great Mother's Day, Amanda! Haven't been able to drop in as often since I have a job that requires me to actually WORK most of the day...and glad of that. But here's a little something I thought you'd enjoy: