Wednesday, May 27, 2009

a Snarky Shoutout to the Divadomain

Here's a throwback to my very first blog post, with an updated list of words I love and hate:

Here is The List of words which you should never utter in my presence:
  • Supple
  • Moist
  • Penetrate
  • Cutlet (& cutlery)
  • Breezeway
  • Panties
  • Thrust
  • Slice (as in the verb, not as a slice of pizza)
  • Shrapnel
  • Penchant
  • Chunky or chunks (when referring to food)
  • Rubric
  • Luncheon (and the the verb “to lunch”)
  • Panache
  • Secretion
  • Folks
  • Turd
  • Hunkered
And these are a few of my favorite words:
  • Ubiquitous
  • Verisimilitude
  • Quickly
  • Cantankerous
  • Zwoelf (german word for 12)
  • Presh (short for precious)
  • Cumbersome
  • Plucky
  • Snarky
  • Cusp
  • Crisp
  • Copacetic
  • Mogul
  • Diminutive
  • Penultimate
  • Elicit
Happy belated birthday, divadomain- you turned 5 years old on May 25th!


Rhonda said...

haha, I like shrapnel!

Anonymous said...

oops!! i thought you liked the word shrapnel!

Mary Anna said...

Cumbersome and Copacetic are two of my favs too! Happy B'day Diva Domain!

Amanda Vilendrer said...

you know Sarah, I can't decide if shrapnel is a word I love or hate... it's a little of both! Maybe it gets its own category- ha ha!

emmysue said...

I'm not sure we can be friends anymore, because shrapnel is one of my favorite words and I use it almost daily. :)